Aegis of the North and East

Unique 5 Dot Artifact Armor

Also known as the "Warding of Ten Thousand Blades"

With his sacrifice and victory fresh in the minds of Rathess, the Dragon-Kings are more than happen to accommodate the Bull of the North’s request. Had he not mentioned it Rathess would have volunteered.

The Aegis of the North and East is an armor destined to be the matching set of the Battle Vestment of the War Captain – the Phalanx of South and West. It has similar proportions and thickness but correspondingly adjusted for the Bull of the North’s larger bulk. This wonder of the Third Age is wrought entirely of Orichalcum, and all of which came from the sacred heart of chosen city of the Most on High – Rathess.

Original slated to be worked on by the Ancient Dragon-Kings, the “Servitors of the Central Hearth” has since taken over. All opposition was silenced when Hastha-sth gave her blessing to the project.

Three talents of Orichalcum were used for this project – enough to build a Royal Warstrider of 25 feet. Of the three, one was sacrificed to the gods to honor their participation and gain their blessings. The other 2 were purified then purified again and again till they reached immaculate perfection. These Orichalcum are so pure that it literally burns with the flares of the sun. No one knows how it is even possible and Arianna wrongfully speculate that the root cause was Hastha-sth’s invoking of the Unconquered Sun’s miracles.

At the onset of the project the High Priest of the Unconquered Sun, Hastha-sth, personally performed the purification ritual and sacrificed the Orichalcum base to all the gods sacred to the working of such an endeavor. 5 days were then devoted to purify the entire Central Hearth. To further maintain the sanctity of the armor Samea and Panther were asked by Bull of the North to personally perform the purification on a daily basis during the auspicious hours of Dawn, Dusk, Noon, and Midnight. All the “Servitors of the Central Hearth” are required to undergo this blessing as well, and being “mindless”, they participated without complications. These Ritual Prayers to the Unconquered Sun during the holy hours ensured that no mishaps and accidents would occur. The armor would take 8 month to Complete, including a break during Calibration. The workmanship of the armor is flawless. Each piece is meticulous formed to fit the Bull of the North like a second skin. Being built for him, his iconography covers every surface.

The Helm is angular with long flowing crest as pure as fresh snow that fall behind him. A pair of great bull heads dominates the pauldrons, each with one horn on the forehead that arch high to form a frame. On the horns are etched the symbols of the Victory over the Primordial Madura. The Mandela of the Unconquered Sun adores the center of the body and brings the breastplate together with the greaves. The inside of the armor is no less impressive. Thousands of tiny sigils have been painstakingly carved onto the imperishable plates with occult accuracy unseen in Creation since the First Age. These markings invoke the authority of the Unconquered Sun and grant the least god of the armor a name. A name might seem an insignificant thing but when granted through the conduit of one such as Hastha-sth and Micky it possesses great power - as the artifact is named it is then truly born. This final blessing unifies its essence into flawless harmony with its master also raises it's Least God to full god status - the name granted by the Unconquered Sun is written into the Book of Heaven and her domain, that of the Artifact in Question, is recorded.

  • Made from the destruction of countless artifacts scoured from the Bull's area of influence. Artifacts belonging to the destroyed Tepet Legions, heirlooms of his other defeated enemies, rare and exotic ingredients given to him as tribune by supplicant kingdoms, incredibly potent components extracted from the defeated Hekatonkhire, Chibi-Cthulhu, and Nephwracks.
  • These will be presented to the servitors of the Central Hearth (Mice of the Sun and the Elemental Servitors) and be commanded to forge him proper gear as befitting his new office. The Servitors of the Central Hearth oblige though they secretly destroyed the necrotic ingredients and did not incorporate them into the artifact.
Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Attunement
For Others +18L/18B (+21L/21B) +12L/12B (+13L/13B) -4 4 15
Bull of the North +21L/21L +14L/14B -2 2 Automatic & Free
  • Bespoke: The armor has lower fatigue and mobility penalty when worn by the Bull of the North because it is custom built for him. It match his dimensions, fighting style, and anima resonance perfectly.
  • Massive: The armor’s imperishable Immaculate Orichalcum plates are worked by the meticulous paws of the "Servitors of the Central Hearth" and consumed a good part of the Exotic materials of the East. It is beyond pure and naturally burns with the flare of the Unconquered Sun even in lightless environments. It is heavier than typical orichalcum and is impossibly unwieldy. Thus the armor can only be effective used by those who attuned it for material bonus. Even then they gain the above mobility and fatigue.
  • Magitech Servos: The armor is built similar to a Royal Warstrider and includes some of the Magitech mechanisms. Its orichalcum magitech servos greatly enhance the strength and power of its wearer.
    • It adds the wearer’s Essence Score/2 (rounded up) to all feats of strength, damage and clinch dice pools. These bonuses are added at the final step, after all other modifiers and multipliers have been applied.
    • It also adds the wearer's Essence Score to the distance the wearer can jump and move, it adds twice that to dash. This value is added to the base rating, and thus is subjected to multipliers and similar effects.
    • While the armor has some Magitech Servos it is mostly an standard artifact, thus is not classified as such. The little maintenance requirement is descriptive at best and has no [game] mechanical effect.
  • Holy: The armor is inherently Holy and cannot be attuned/used by Creatures of Darkness
    • Though this sacred property does not apply to attacks made with it - Thus a punch while wearing this armor is not a Holy attack
  • Claritas Solis Invictus: The armor’s perfect purity channels the aspects of the Lawgiver flawlessly and aligns it with aspects of their patron god. Their animal banner becomes greatly enhance and is visible at a distance equal to the (normal distance x Wearer's Modified1 Essence Score). The effect of their animas are also greater.
    • Dawn Caste gains +4 to DV instead of +2
    • Zenith Caste now converts up to their Essence of damage levels dealt to Creatures of Darkness into Aggravated Damage. Since this conversion is of final damage level, it does not impact soak (it was already applied) but "merely" implies the applicability of charms and healing rates
    • Twilight Caste now absorbs 1.5x (rounded down) their essence in damage levels
    • Night Caste can suppress obvious charms at the 1 mote normal cost from adding to anima banner. They also apply their Full Essence (as opposed to half) as EV penalties to avoid detection
    • Eclipse Caste no longer requires the expenditure of Willpower to enact an Eclipse Oath, Surcharge for non-native charm is lowered to 1 mote
  • Blessing of Clarity: When attuned, the armor adds one automatic success to any rolls of physical perception2 and awareness. It also doubles the range/sensitivity of all the wearer's senses. While performing archery attacks this adds 4 dice instead.
  • 4 Hearthstone Sockets
    • One at the brow of the helmet, exactly over the caste mark. So when it flares and shines through it will be filtered through the hearthstone.
    • 2 are on the center of each shoulder horn
    • The last is on the center of the Sunburst buckle, below the The Mandela of the Unconquered Sun

Lease God: Aegis of the North and East

Essence 3 Terrestrial God, with Formal Celestial Appointment

Young Aegis

Aegis of the North and East is both the armor and also the armor's soul. The Least God residing in the armor have been empowered by its ritual forging and awakened into a little god of her own right. Aegis of the Northand South is born with the mind of a child - completely innocent and malleable. Under the loving care of the Circle of the North she will soon develop into an intellect appropriate to her Essence.

This new god straddle the middle ground between least god and a true denizen of the Spirit Courts. While she has celestially sanctified station she holds no titles and has no place in any spiritual court. She still resides within her item (the armor) when resting, and is destroyed along with the artifact - should that event ever come to pass3. She however has the standard generalized charm of all minor gods (such as Measure the Wind, Materialize, and Hurry Home) and some charms specifically dealing with her domain.

  • Awakened Least God of Aegis of the North and East
    • By the very nature of her master and her domain, she will grow into a war goddess
  • Essence 3
    • The maximum Essence the Celestial Bureaucracy will sanction to be awakened an Artifact
    • Once awakened though they gain Essence as normal gods, however, since their domain is so limited it is unlikely they will ever advance beyond 3.
      • One of the simpliest way to advance a Awokened Artifact Spirit into the ranks of higher beings is Cult.
      • Since Bull made Aegis his official channel for those seeking his favor, she is getting quite a bit of prayer from the denizens of the East and North
  • Motivation: To watch over Aegis of the North and East and to serve its Rightful Master
  • Attributes: Strength 3, Dexterity 6, Stamina 4, Charisma 2, Manipulation 1, Appearance 3, Perception 3, Intelligence 3, Wits 4
  • Virtues: Compassion 1, Conviction 4, Temperance 4, Valor 2
  • Abilities: Athletics 3, Awareness 4, Craft(Fire): Repair Aegis of North and East +2 (1), Dodge 4, Integrity 3, Linguistics (Old Realm, High Holy Cant) 0, Lore 1, Martial Arts 3, Occult 1, Resistance 2, Stealth 1, War 1
  • Charms
    • Hurry Home - The least god immediately returns to its domain. A least god will reflexively employ this Charm if the least god ever loses contact with its charge.
    • Materialize (55m)
    • Measuring the Wind (1m) - determins Essence trait of all living creatures within Willpower yards. Wits+Perception roll to find hidden targets (difficulty is lowered by 2 as well). Charm also determins the type of being (Exalt, spirit, ghost, etc) and it also tells the spirit whether the being is capable of permanently kill a god.
    • Sense Domain (5m 1wp): Diagnostic Armor: Used when the spirit makes a diagnostic awareness roll on Aegis of North and East. The Charm adds her Temperance in automatic successes. She is explicitly notice anything about her domain that Storyteller deems noticeable - even if it is beyond the reach of her normal senses.
    • Subtle Whisper (5m): Force those who has no right to give up the armor: Charm allows a natural mental influence against a target that have no right to claim the armor (e.g. thief). The social attach is undetectable and she can make the attack while immaterialized. Those who resist the influence with a willpower can roll perception + occult with her Temperance as EV penalties to determine the urge comes from a divine source.
    • Tracking (5m): Find Owner - She can commit 1 mote by touch on the Aegis Armor's rightful owner - if he is willing. This tag is an arcane link to the spirit. She instinctively knows the tagged target's distance and direction. If target is supernaturally concealed, spirit roll Essence+Awareness vs target's Essence + Stealth. Target can use Excellencies even if not aware of the tracking.
    • Animating Management (12m 1wp, Indefinite): Defend armor against thievery - She can possess the armor and move it as if she is wearing it. She can act with her attributes limited by Essence and abilities limited by Temperance.
      • She still have to pay the armor's attunement to use the armor
      • She cannot wear the armor in her material form since she is too small.
    • Spice of Custodial Delectation (Permanent): during any scene the armor is receiving proper care, she gains essence back. If owner, or an occultist, is doing the care and maintenance she will gain 1 mote per dot of the owner's occult skill. All other people is 1 mote per person.
    • First (Craft) Excellency: Repair and Maintain the Armor
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