Andraste's Prayer Pieces

A pair of custom built Prayer Piece

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Ammo Attune Artifact Cost Tags
Normal 5 +4 (5) 10L (11L) 2 50 (100) 6 6 each •••• for the Pair B
Attuned by Andraste 5 +6 13L 2 100 6 6 each •••• for the Pair P, B
High Priestess Andraste 5 +6 16L 2 100 6 6 each •••• for the Pair P, B

This weapon's Damage is Aggravated towards Creatures of Darkness

  • This is a pair of Prayer Piece built specifically for Andraste. They resonates with Andraste's Anima perfectly producing an result far better than "general construction" artifacts.
    • When harmonized with Andraste's Anima the weapon has an additional +1 to damage, +1 to accuracy, and becomes Piercing.
    • She also gains +1 to Damage due to her being a Priestess of the Unconquered Sun
      • This damage bonus will be upgraded to +4 should she ever gain the 7 dot Merit for Priesthood
  • Prayer Piece is more akin to magical sling/crossbow and are not flame throwers (like Flamepieces).
    • It does not have the F Tag, meaning it has extended and maximum range like bows and slings.
      • -1 External Penalty for upto Double, -2 External Penalty for upto Triple.
    • It however still require a Miscaneous Action after all ammo is used up to reload the weapon.
      • The Miscellaneous action can be waived if they use a preloaded cylinder or other such loading mechanisms
  • This includes Magical material bonus, see Sling of Deadly Prowess on page 389 of Normal Rule Book for details.
    • The bonus provided by the sling’s magical material is the same as for other Artifact thrown weapons, except that the Range increases as for bows.
  • In Essence Prayer Piece is a Alchemical Fire Piece in Game mechanics terms, but with the exception that most Archery Charm works with it.
    • Flame Pieces, even alchemical ones, have no physical ammunition. They shoot jets of flame to do damage. The increased cost of Firedust and the fact it has no physical projectile to enhance, is one of the main reasons why Archery Charms treat Firewands differently than they do bows or crossbows. The principle of Prayer Piece is the same as that of a bow or crossbow, just instead of using tensile strength of the bow frame, it uses prayer to generate the force to move a physical projectile to its destination. Thus it is treated as bows for most instances of Archery Charms.
  • Almost all Prayer Pieces are survivors of the First Age, but Andraste's are brand new. Most likely gained from a First Age Cache held in stasis.
    • The weapons are made to order, and not from any cache.
  • Andraste's Prayer Pieces came as a pair, and are carried in their holster crossed on her back hip.
  • Andraste carries a leather ammo pouch on her belt with 30 rounds inside
    • Andraste does not have any loader or extra cylinders
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