Aofe's Armor

5 Dot Orichalcum Articulated Plate of Aofe

Originally named "The Embrace of Grace", but it has long since been overshadowed by its legendary bearer - the best Field Commander of her Time, Aofe, the Golden Blade.

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
Attuned +14L/16B (+16L/18B) 10L/10B (11L/11B) +Essence Tireless •••• 6
  • Armor is impossibly light. It has no weight at all and flows through existence with sublime grace.
    • No matter how it is dropped, stashed, stored, crumbled, it will always appear graceful in its state
    • This transfer to the wearer as well, granting him an divine air of sprezzatura
      • +1 automatic success to all Social Rolls where gracefulness is an positive trait
    • This is also an Perfect Defense from being, or made to look, clumsy
      • This does not mean the wearer cannot trip or fall, it just means it won't be from being clumsy. He can still sip on a patch of ice, or drop something because he was surprised.
      • It also means even if he does fall from being tripped, he will still look graceful doing it
    • He will never botch any rolls involving balance and movement
      • He can still fail, just not botch; Botches are turned into simple failures.
  • It has a positive mobility "penalty" equal to the user's unmodified Essence Score
    • Unmodified means it is the natural Essence Score of the wearer - not the one modified by Might Rating, or Artifacts, or Lunars who used the Golden Spider Technique, or Maiden of the Mirthless Smile's with her Artifact Infused Essence, etc.
      • It does work for Aata, since the 1 dot Essence granted by the Peach of Immortality is an natural increase - e.g. with Experience Points
    • This means it is an bonus on all situation when mobility penalty is applied
      • Such as Dodge DV, Athletic Rolls, and Movement Rate
      • Being a Mobility Penalty it is applied after the Double DV cap
  • This non-existing existence means the wearer gains the best benefit or "armored" or "unarmored" as situation dictates
    • If Swimming he would treat it as if he is "unarmored"
    • If an attack would do double damage if the wearer is not armored then he is treated as "armored"
    • If an Martial Art requires the use of armor (or vice versa) this armor will work with it
    • He can sleep in this armor and is considered just as restful/comfortable as "unarmored"
  • The armor's also aligns the wearer to the energies of existence and for as long as he wears the armor it supports and aids him.
    • The wearer is considered Tireless
      • Remember the wearer's movements are modified by the Positive Mobility Bonus
    • Though he still needs to "rest" if he wishes to regain Essence or Willpower
  • 2 Hearthstone Sockets - One on each Shoulder
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