Aofe's Golden Blade

4 Dot Orichalcum Grand Daiklave of Aofe

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Attuned 5 +2 (+3) 12L/4 +0 (+1) 2 (3) Str ••• 8 ••••• 2, O, P, R


  • Blade creates a golden concussive blast whenever it hits, difficulty for knock back/down caused by this weapon is equal to the wielder's Essence Score + 1, and not the default difficulty of 2
  • They are also blasted back twice as far (2 yard per 3 die of raw damage) or knocked down twice as hard (no default mechanical effect)
  • Has setting for 3 Hearthstones - One at the end of the pommel and 1 at each end of the Guard
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