Armor of Aquatic Puissance

4 Dot Black Jade-steel Artifact Articulated Plate

This heavy suit of articulated plate is composed entirely of black jade. Careful examination reveals
spun black jade webbing inside the armor that makes it watertight once the helmet is locked into place.
It requires 8 motes commitment, after which the wearer can breathe underwater, perfectly control his
buoyancy to rise or sink, and swim at twice his normal rate. The armor ignores water drag, eliminating
penalties for fighting or moving underwater. The visor lets the character see through water as though it
were air (though clouds of silt, ink and the like still obscure vision). Ranged weapons still suffer normal
drag after leaving the character’s hand. The armor has two hearthstone sockets, one on the forehead and
one in the chestplate.

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Attune Tags
Attuned +11L/13B 7L/7B -2 1 (0) 8
  • -0 mobility penalty underwater.
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