Atlantean Lotus
Known as Nymphaea in the first age

Modern lotus are all descendants of the original Nymphaea, the beloved flower of Atlantis. Granted to the hidden land by the maiden of journey for their devotion the flowers are natural wonders and a potent aid to any traveler.

the flowers in their natural state absorbs the light of the Golden Barque of the Heavens and resonates with a soft pale radiance.

  • The flowers will live indefinitely if kept on the vine, but will perish when the Golden Barque of the Heavens sails beneath the horizon if removed.
  • Properly preserved the flowers will retain their power until physically destroyed
    • The art of their preservation have been lost with the first age
    • The preserved flower is as easily destroyed as the normal version
  • The flower when properly housed and carried, grants the bearer/expedition a slight cinematical effect towards the safety to their journey
    • All gods recognize the blessing of Maiden of Journey in this endeavor. This is an social consideration and has no legal ramification celestial or otherwise.
    • This also implies that the Flower are easily visible in the loom as it invokes the maiden's blessing
  • By infusing the flower with 1 mote of Essence, the lotus grants automatic success to any attempts at finding the direction of Atlantis by reading the positions of the maidens
    • This is an Perfect Effect - will not fail as long as success is possible
    • This is only for finding the direction of Atlantis, it does not imply automatic success to infer direction of somewhere else relative to Atlantis
    • This obviously means it can only be used at night - Maidens are not in the Heavenly Firmament during the day
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