Atlanteans Symnelra

Atlantean version of the Symnelra artifact


  • Made of living crystal that is faintly warm to the touch
  • Comes usually in groups of 4
    • Linked to each other, all actions are considered coordinated/teamwork bonus
    • Not capped by War ability if the unit consists entirely of linked Symnelras
  • Armed with a Pair of Atlantean Shuriken Bolter - focuses and enhances the natural crystal attack of Symnelras. These weapons fire bursts of monofilaments at the enemy.
    • While the weapon looks like a pistol it is actually a part of the Symnelra, and is formed and unformed as a reflexive action.
  • Can from the hand and forearm into crystalline blades
  • Fully articulated feet - can be used a hands
    • Can travel via brachiation without complication - e.g. treat as normal movement
  • Long Slender Tail
    • +2 to rolls where balance is a important factor
    • +1 to DV as it deflects attacks on its own


S/D/S P/I/W/W Health Levels Dodge DV/Soak
4/5/5 4/2/4/7 -0(2)/-1(2)/-2(2)/-4(2)/I 7+1 = 8 / 7L/4B

+4L/5B soak from the Synthetic Leather Armor

Notable Abilities: Archery 4, Athletics 4, Awareness 3 (Patrol +1), Dodge 4, Martial Arts 4, Medicine 2, Melee 3, Stealth 2

Attack Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Tag
Pair of Shuriken Bolter 3 +4 (12) 6L - 3 Each 100m F, P2
Crystalline Blades 4 +4 (13) +5L (9L) +2 (6+1 = 7) 2 Each Melee P2, N
Tail Swipe 5 -2 (7) +7B (11B) - 2 Melee N
Clinch Attack 5 +3 +0B or +2L (4B or 6L) - 1 Melee C, N, P or P2
  • P2: Half the Armor Soak then lower it by 4 to a minimum of 0
  • N: Natural Weapon, cannot be disarmed, uses Martial Arts for attack
  • Tail Swipe is independent and is considered a free attack with no DV penalty or Multiple Action Penalty
    • But it will no longer provide the +2 to athletics during the attack action
  • Can grow crystalline spikes when clinching to change damage from Bash to Lethal. The spikes also turns the attack from P to P2.
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