Auriel's Bow

Quick Short Summary

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Cost Minimums Attune
Full Power Shot 5 +2 14A, 2 yard 1* 200 2 Str •• 8
Half Power Shot 5 +2 7A, 1 yard 1* 200 1 Str •• 8

The Weapon beloved by Ebon Siaka as she fires it with impunity from her First Age skimmer and send the pitiful mortals to their watery doom.

  • Unlike the standard Abyssal Cannon hers is an much lighter and reinforced with Essence channels to counter act the recoil of the blast and to alleviate the weight issue.
    • This results in a reduced Strength Requirement
    • lowers damage to 14A instead of 18A
    • Accuracy of +2 instead of +0
    • Significantly reduced range (200 instead of 300)
    • Raise the Hearthstone Requirement by 1 Dot
    • No longer have the cannot dodge or parry penalty
  • The weapon is also housed in a black jade frame, allow it to become weightless in water
    • Prevent the user from sinking like a rock trying to fire this monstrosity
  • The Weapon is socketed with the 5 Dot Abyssal Hearthstone Withering Gem which provides no special bonuses or Essence regeneration to Ebony Siaka.
    • The Hearthstone is from her personal manse stronghold on Isle Five
    • The Rating of the Hearthstone however allows the cannon to fire for free.
  • See Soul-Numbing Abyssal Cannon for additional details

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