5 Dot Artifact Weapon


A silver coral bladed daiklave with piecmental handle of Orichalcum. This blade is better known as "The Trial of Valor."

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Base Stat 5 +3 +10L/4 +2 3 Str ••, Dex ••• 6 ••••• O, P
  • Piercing
  • Perfect Defenses with the Valor Flaw, used both with and against this weapon, have their cost reduced by 1 mote, to a minimum of 1.
  • Perfect Defenses with other Virtue Flaws, used with and against this weapon, cost 1 mote extra to use
    • This applies to patterning as well, though it means it will raise the patterning cost of non-valor flaw perfect defenses to 2.
  • This weapon eliminates the Willpower cost of First Western Mirage's "Divine (Melee) Subordination" Charm
    • This is an awesome bonus and only possible because it is specifically formed for First Western Mirage. Even should the weapon fall into the hands of others it is not capable of providing them such an intimate boon.
  • Adds a number of automatic successes to the wider's Attack, Parry DV, and Damage equal to the difference between the wielder's valor vs the target's
    • This bonus is doubled against those whose primary virtue is Valor
    • No effect if the target has equal or higher valor than the Wielder
    • In the case of being confronted with a group of people, use the lowest valor score in the "group"
  • The wound penalty suffered by those who are damaged by this weapon lowers the their valor by the same amount for the rest of the scene
    • This is a form of Unnatural Mental Influence
      • Each infliction costs 1 Willpower to negate
      • As per unnatural mental influence rules, it will accumulate 1 point of limit
    • If the valor of the target ever reaches 0, then the target will act as if he/she is a utter coward
  • Has sockets for 2 Hearthstones
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