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The rules presented in the Alchemical Book regarding Beam Weapons seems to be directly lifted from the First Edition Rulebook, therefore it needs to be adopted to 2nd Edition Rules.

Here are the rules regarding Beam-klaves in my game

  • All Slash and Piercing Artifact Melee/Martial Arts/Thrown weapons have beam-klave equivalents – and the have identical stats except for the modifications below
  • Beam-klaves have artifact ratings 1 dots higher than their standard counter part.
  • Beam-klaves have a minimum repair rating of 2 for small to medium weapons. Larger weapons will have repair rating of 3, Warstrider size weapons will have repair rating that are much higher.
  • Commitment Cost is 1/2 their counter part, to a min of 3 Motes
  • Commitment Cost of Warstrider Versions are 1 more than standard cost, but cost no motes to activate.
  • When inactive Beam-klaves consist only of the “Handle”. Attune user can reflexively activate the weapon by expending 5 motes (not committed). An beam blade of appropriate color shape and size instantly springs into being. This blade will last for the rest of the scene or when dispelled by its attuned user. (See Manual of Exalted Powers: Alchemicals Pg. 213 for Beam Color based on Material Descriptions).
  • When Active it Ignites Flammable Objects by Touch
  • Beam-klaves have the same Magical Material Bonus as any other Artifact Weapon.
  • Beam-klaves half the parry DV if the defender blocks with non-magical material. Unless defense is appropriately stunted the defending weapon is assume to be destroyed should the attack succeed. This includes natural weapons as well – though in the case of vastly supernatural beings Storyteller would have to use common sense.
  • Beam-klaves have the “Pierce” trait. Should the standard weapon already have Piercing then the Armor Soak is reduced to 1/3rd as oppose to half. Adamant Beam-klaves reduces opponent Armor Soak by 1/3rd before applying the –4 Armor Soak material bonus.
  • Beam-klaves loses its special traits and have its base damage halved against things that are highly resistant/immune to heat.

Original Text (Manual of Exalted Powers – Alchemicals pg 211)

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