Blade of Cifna-Kurer
An immaterial artifact weapon
  • The Weapon is Immaterial, and can be used while the wearer is Immaterial. It is extreme potent weapon because it cheaply overcomes the convention that Immaterial Beings have to be materialized to damage material beings.
  • The Weapon does not grant the owner the ability to perceive immaterial beings
  • The Weapon can be used to parry immaterial attacks
  • Aggravated Damage to Immaterial Things / No Damage to Inanimate Objects / Lethal Damage all others
    • It only does aggrevated damage to Immaterial Things, if a Spirit Materializes then it no longer suffer Aggrevated Damage
  • Ignores Non-living Non-magical material (Cannot be used to Parry it or Soak it)
    • Though Charms that allows these materials to interact with the Immaterial will also allow them to parry the weapon
  • Spirits killed by the weapon requires double the time to re-form as the weapon damages the core of their existence. This weapon does not permanently kill spirits.
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