Spellbook of Osa-ano, The
Legendary Artifact
  • Attunement is 5 Motes
  • Unlike normal artifacts that aid in Sorcery, this book works equally well for both Sorcery and Necromancy
  • When used as part of spell shaping action it allows the attuned caster to substitute Essence for Willpower costs. At the rate of 5 motes per willpower point.
  • The attuned owner can store without commitment of essence one spell within its pages and be released as a Miscellaneous (5,-0) action. This release of spell does not involve anima banners, but the spell effect is still considered obvious.
    • The ritual to store spell is 1 hour of preparation per Circle of the spell at the end of which the character starts the spell shaping action for the sorcery he wishes to store.
    • Unlike normal spell shaping, this requires an Intelligence + Occult roll over 2x the circle of the spell in difficulty (2 for Terrestrial, 4 for Celestial, 6 for Solar)
      • Failure means the spell fizzles and the essence is spent. Botch is treated the same as botching on a Spell Shaping Action.
    • He normally stores the Burning Eye of the Offender within its pages
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