Breather Plant

1 Dot Dragon King Plant Artifact

This small, exceedingly "furry" vine is usually found rooted in a pot designed for easy transport. Anyone may uproot the vine and wind it around the neck of a living being no larger than a warhorse. There, this plant extends tendrils into the wearer’s throat via the creatures normal breathing oriface. The process is extremely uncomfortable but once finished the body eventually gets use to it. The plant then filters out impurities in the air, allowing the wearer to safely breathe smoke and other gaseous toxins. In addition, it allows him to breathe water.

Breather vines are rather fragile and must be periodically replanted to remain intact. After approximately six hours of use, a breather vine begins to lose its vibrant green color and turn yellow. When it turns fully yellow, it withdraws its tendrils from the wearer’s neck and goes dormant. It must then be returned to its pot for at least 12 hours before it can be reused. Alternately, the wearer can commit 2 motes of Essence to the plant, at which point it can be worn indefinitely, taking nourishment from this Essence.

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