Bright Shattered Ice's Wings

5 Dot Artifact

A form of Wings of the Raptor

What name Bright Shattered Ice answered to before the Primordial Wars is lost to history. She is an truly ancient Solar who fought by the side of Merela and worshiped her Eldest Sister. She killed the Primordial "Bright Shattered Ice" during the war and chose to take its name in attempts to reestablish the concepts that were lost. The attempt was futile, Creation was ever diminished by their deaths. Bright Shattered Ice was the first to purpose eternal servitude for their defeated foes and was one of the designers of the Malfeas Prison. Perhaps it was this intimate connection to the whole endeavor that allowed her to accomplish what is considered Impossible.

While Bright Shattered Ice is one of the most powerful Sorcerers of her Age, she is certainly not the best. Yet her sorceress talents are second to none in the field of demonology and she is the only sorcerer to ever summon a Third Circle Demon without the need for Calibration. This very act caused her to receive a formal censure from the Solar Deliberative and her house arrest in her Sapphire tower in the city of Tzatli. The crystal metropolis with towers so lofty that it is visible from most of the North.

Her meticulous nature and iron fist shaped Tzatli the foremost Solar dominion of the North and it is in her workshops that Solar Wonders such as the "I AM" system and Solar Genesis Technologies first taken shape.

While a minimimalist in her choice of clothing, she is never seen without her favorite article - a custom made Wings of the Raptor crafted by her beloved character:desus. This pair of wings are pale luminescent white and modeled after Desus' own Swan Anima.

  • Like all Wings of the Raptor 1 mote of commitment activates the Hearthstone amulet clasp
  • 10 additional motes of commitment turns the luminiscent pearl white cape, with faint flakes of snow tastefully woven with strands of sapphire, into a pair of white swan wings that are 20 feet from wingtip to wingtip.
  • The wings allow her to fly at 10x her running speed during combat, o hover with slow and graceful beats
  • Outside of combat she can soar at speeds up to 160 mph
  • Because these flight are considered natural movements she does not need to flurry "pilot" actions to control movement
  • Should she need to make maneuver or control checked, it is done the same way as normal walking or running actions. E.g. Reflexive checks. But with +6 dice to the dice pool.
  • Due to her incredibly speed and maneuverability she adds +5 to her Dodge DV
  • The pure reflection off these wings dazzles all those around her and serve to enhance Bright Shattered Ice's already formidable beauty. It adds +3 to her Appearance Rating (making it a total of 11)
  • The most important function is that the wings automatically block all attacks against her. Being especially useful during casting of Sorcery (as no active DV by the caster can be used). It grants Bright Shattered Ice an Active Parry DV of 10 against all attacks that are blockable, and also against Surprise Attacks by those who failed an Essence roll against difficulty 5
    • The DV provided by the wings do not suffer Onslaught Penalty
    • She can actively use the wings to defend herself using Melee or Martial Art Ability with a Defense Rating of +10
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