Chrono Trigger

3 Dot Artifact

This artifact resembles one of the old Shogunate brass pocket timepieces complete with the elaborate engravings appropriate to the era with a sturdy brass chains to finish the resemblance. The artifact is larger than most timepieces being roughly 3 inches in diameter and is slightly heavier than one would expect. This artifact requires 4 motes commitment to function.

  • As a reflexive action the wearer can activated the timepiece. This creates a circle of hour markings made of pale white light that rotates counterclockwise as the artifact stretches time out for the bearer. This makes the use of the item “Obvious.”
  • When used this way the artifact grants enough time for the wearer to make 1 thrown attack action (and only allows thrown attack actions) at full dice pool with a very light weapons (knives, needles, darts, cards, sand, liquid, etc) per 1 mote spent. Up to the bearer’s permanent Essence score x2.
    • This effect is considered an "Extra Action" effect and thus cannot be further flurried nor are can they be enhanced by another Extra Action effects.
  • These attacks are considered to be reflexive (free) actions and thus are in addition to any other action she normally undertakes.
    • These reflexive attacks does not incur the cumulutive -1 penalty to DV for attacking.
    • Any onslaught penalty generated by these free attacks are still counted towards the wearer's normal action.
    • The attacks are “queued” first and then resolved as time is restored to normal – allowing the target the use of his DVs.
  • To all observers it would appear as if the thrown weapons appeared out of thin air and start flying towards their targets.

For Example: Against 3 soldiers arrayed against her, Sakuya spends 6 motes to make the maximum 6 thrown attacks (personal essence of 3) 2 each against each of the soldiers and uses her normal action against the commander. Let say each of those hits landed, applying a -2 Onslaught penalty against the soldiers, -1 for 1st thrown attack, -2 for 2nd thrown attack. When she attacks the commander with her normal flurry (rate 3) the Commander is already at -2 DV for first attack, -3 for 2nd, -4 for 3rd. At the same time she is at -3 DV for Flurry of 3 attacks.

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