Coffin Nailer

Ebon Siaka's Soul-Numbing Abyssal Cannon

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Cost Minimums Attune
Full Power Shot 5 +2 14A, 2 yard 1* 200 2 Str •• 8
Half Power Shot 5 +2 7A, 1 yard 1* 200 1 Str •• 8
  • * If desired, the character can attack an additional number of separate targets equal to her permanent Essence simultaneously, with no penalties for multiple actions.
  • The blasts from the weapon is considered "arrow" so follows the standard M, L, Extreme Range rules and allows the use of most Archery Charms including charms that enhance the ammo - such as Splinters of the Void

The Weapon beloved by Ebon Siaka as she fires it with impunity from her First Age skimmer and send the pitiful mortals to their watery doom.

  • Unlike the standard Abyssal Cannon hers is an much lighter and reinforced with Essence channels to counter act the recoil of the blast and to alleviate the weight issue.
    • This results in a reduced Strength Requirement
    • lowers damage to 14A instead of 18A
    • Accuracy of +2 instead of +0
    • Significantly reduced range (200 instead of 300)
    • Raise the Hearthstone Requirement by 1 Dot
    • No longer have the cannot dodge or parry penalty
  • The weapon is also housed in a black jade frame, allow it to become weightless in water
    • Prevent the user from sinking like a rock trying to fire this monstrosity
  • The Weapon is socketed with the 5 Dot Abyssal Hearthstone Withering Gem which provides no special bonuses or Essence regeneration to Ebony Siaka.
    • The Hearthstone is from her personal manse stronghold on Isle Five
    • The Rating of the Hearthstone however allows the cannon to fire for free.
  • See Soul-Numbing Abyssal Cannon for additional details
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