Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light

1 Dot Artifact

Exalted - 2E - Core Rules, Pg. 380

This artifact comes in a variety of forms — studded bands, chokers, torcs, collars, delicate necklaces and the like. Any piece of neck adornment is appropriate, and these items are still quite common today. Many of the Dragon-Blooded in the Second Age own and wear them when possible, not just for their useful properties, but also to show off.

The purpose of this collar is to keep its wearer clean in every respect. She could spend weeks living beneath a rubbish heap and emerge at the end as though she had just spent hours preparing for a grand ball. The artifact negates all penalties to Social rolls that would be applied due to the character being dirty or unkempt.

Attuning to the collar, with 1 mote commitment, extends its powers beyond the Exalt’s clothing and appearance to her overall health. The artifact’s cleansing light adds two dice to (Stamina + Resistance) rolls made against disease or poison.

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