Crimson Bow

Peerless Power Bow

The crimson bow belonged to the First Age Solar Hero, Ai, who exalted near the end of the Primordial Wars and was instrumental in the slaying of many. The Crimson Bow, like its Mistress, is peerless - some argued that her Eclipse Circlemate could not have succeeded in creating such an incredible artifact if it were not destined for the Singular Archer whose talent has never been matched in Creation1.

  • The Ghost if Ai is currently fighting in the Underworld with the Burial Goods version of this bow
    • Due to the special mirroring of the burial goods, only Ai and Abyssals can wield that version
  • Ai's spark reincarnated as character:raneth of Diamond Hearth, who gifted this bow to his Circle Leader - The Bull of the North

The bow is a six feet power bow made of a single piece of luminous vermilion coral, reinforced with orichalcum and decorated with flawless rubies. The bow is impossible to draw unless attuned first, which cost 8 motes. Arrows fired from this bow burn with the red light of the setting sun, transforming into beam of Sunlight that hits instantly.

  • This weapon cannot be attuned by any being other than a Solar, and as previous stated cannot be drawn without attunement.
  • Against any target with Essence equal to or less than the shooter, these attacks are considered Perfect Attacks. Unlike normal Perfect Attacks they will always hit with a minimum success equal to the difference between the Essence scores of the Shooter and Target.
    • This also implies that the archery cannot botch against such targets - since Perfect Attacks always hit thus ignore botches
  • If the wielder chooses, he may reflexively spend four motes upon firing, allowing the arrow to strike immaterial targets and inflict aggravated damage to such targets.
  • While in mass combat one does not normally use the stats of the leader's weapon (since I modified the standard rule set), this weapon is to be treated with special consideration. As long as the character is the Leader of the Unit, or if the leader of the unit is using his Range Attack Ratings for the Unit (he is an sorcerer of the Unit)
    • The Perfect Attack ability applies
    • The bow adds a number of Health Levels to the damage roll equal to the wielder's Essence
    • Remember to use the Essence Score modified by Might Rating if the wielder is the leader of the unit
Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Attunement Minimums Tags
5 +5 +(8+Essence)L/(3+Essence) 4 500 8 Dex •••••, Archery ••••• 2, O, B

The above bonus already included Material Bonus, since it is only attunable by Solars

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