Cycling Typhoon

4 Dot character:typhoonwheel

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Thrown 4 +2 (+3) +12L/4 (+14L/4) 3 35 Str ••, Dex •••• 6 •• O, T

The typhoon wheel is an oversized shuriken, about a foot across. Since the wielder must throw a typhoon wheel, this weapon never carries a hearthstone setting. A typhoon wheel returns to an Exalted wielder if it misses. If the player succeeds on a second, reflexive (Dexterity + Thrown) roll at difficulty 2, it returns after a strike. Failure leaves the weapon stuck where it hit. Typhoon wheels typically occur in pairs.

  • This Typhoon wheel doe not come in a pair
  • This Typhoon wheel is HUGE, nearly 6 feet across. It is essentially a Flying Grimcleaver (Artifact Axe)
  • Once thrown it continues to circle through the air back and forth centered around the user
    • This means the thrower's hands are free
    • The weapon attacks with thought and thus halves multiple attack penalty and does not incur DV penalty for attacking
  • The weapon cannot be used to Parry since it cannot be used to block [without a stunt]
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