Dawn's Light

Aofe's 5 Dot Grand Daiklave of Conquest

  • Arianna found this in an Solar Tomb and gave it to Dace to use
  • It was a shock to both Dace and Maximillian Gaius von Reginrave when the blade recognized its owner
  • Dace returned it to the rightful owner without hesitation and along with Arianna guided Maximillian to his last incarnation's final resting place and helped him recover his rightful inheritance
  • This weapon was invaluable during Maximillian's conquest of the Hundred Kingdoms

This Diaklave is more often referred to as "The Golden Blade" during the First Age and is forged for one of the greatest generals of the Old Realm. Like all Daiklave of Conquests this weapon is designed exclusively for use by the Dawn Caste. No other Exalted can attune themselves to this weapon, nor wield its fantastic powers.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Normal Dawn 5 +3 +12L/4 +1 3 Str ••• 8 ••••• 2, O, P, R
Aofe's Spark 5 +4 +12L/4 +4 3 Str •• 10 ••••• O, P, R


  • When used in battle, the daiklave glows with a bright, unearthly light. As long as this daiklave is unsheathed, all opponents and other hostile individuals within 10 yards of the bearer must make a Valor roll at +1 difficulty or flee in fear. Those who hold their ground lose a number of dice from all attacks (even those not targeting the wielder) equal to the bearer’s Valor score.
    • This is an Unnatural Mental Influence with the Emotions keyword
  • So long as the bearer is using this weapon in combat, friendly troops fight with improved morale that gives them one bonus die to all combat-related dice pools. They also automatically gain one success on all Valor rolls. In addition, all opponents suffer a -1 internal penalty to all combat-related dice pools and receive a +1 penalty to the difficulty of their Valor rolls. Both of these powers affect combatants within one mile of the Exalt wielding the daiklave. These bonuses and penalties do not apply to civilians or neutral soldiers.
    • This is an Unnatural Mental Influence with the Emotions keyword
  • This Grand Daiklave have setting for 3 Hearthstones
    • 2 Socket at the base of the blade
    • 1 Socket at the Pommel
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