Death of Behemoths

Artifact 4 Karal Linwei's First Age "Small" Concussive Cannon… Tacticool™-ed


Repair Rating: 2 because it was Tacticool™-ed (used to be 1)

  • It is socketed with a 2 Dot Hearthstone. Since does not do anything while socketed I didn't want to bother write one up.
  • Weapon has a Essence Sight Scope that extend the bonus from Aim action to 6 seconds, still maintaining the +1 die per second bonus.

The progenitor to the Tacticool™ Guns Fire Orchid made for Alabaster Hand of the Heaven. It is converted to focus the concussive blast to shoot a thaumaturgical iron spike.

  • The rounds are cold iron because it is frequently used against Fair Folk. The material of the rounds does not have to be iron, but it has to be as strong as Jade-steel. Otherwise it will warp and get stuck in the barrel.
      • Iron is aggreviated damage to Fey
    • The thaumaturgy process hardens the iron spike to the hardness of jade-steel and allowing it to survive the concussive force of the weapon
    • The thaumaturgy insignia activated by the essence invokes the blessing from the Shogun of Artificial Flight and helps the projectile to fly far and fly true
    • Each round is an Lesser Wonder (2, Intelligence, 4, 100 hours)1
  • The Weapon is still a concussive cannon and can fire without a round in the chamber
  • When the weapon hits a target it imparts so much power that the target need to roll [(Dexterity or Stamina) + Athletics] to avoid being knocked back/knocked down
    • Difficulty is the same for solid projectile or concussive blast
    • Difficulty 7 for targets notably smaller than an adult
    • Difficulty 5 for Human sized target
    • Difficulty 3 for Horse sized target
    • Difficulty 1 for Yaddim sized target
    • No need to roll larger targets
  • The Shooter need to roll the same roll, with 1 lower in difficulty
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Essence Cost Minimums Tags
Concussive Blast 4 +1 15B 1 100 3/5 (3/0, 2) Str •••• 2, P, F
Jade-steel Round 4 +2 14L 1 350 3/5 (3/0, 2) Str •••• 2, P, B
Thaumaturgy Round 4 +4 14L 1 700 3/5 (3/1, 2) Str •••• 2, P, B
  • The Costs column is Attunement/Motes per Shot (Attunement with Hearthstone/Motes per Shot with Hearthstone, Hearthstone Needed)
  • The weapon still need 1 mote per shot even with Hearthstone to activate the Thaumaturgy Round. There are no additional costs needed to fire normal rounds or normal concussive blasts.
  • Thaumaturgy Round is made of Cold Iron and thus aggravated damage to Fey
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