Desus' Bracers

Desus' Legendary Artifact
Modified version of Perfected Kata Bracers, Oadenol’s Codex Pg. 43

This pair of Bracers is a unique artifact made for Desus by his beloved Bright Shattered Ice, the Empress of Tzatli. A singular creation that even Bright Shattered Ice admits is too difficult to recreate. As with all gifts of such magnitude this artifact is a potent aid that focuses on enhancing what Desus' already excel at.

This pair of elegant fitted bracers is made from the distilled essence of a Third Circle Demon whom she summoned for this express purpose. The raw, Creation bending, essence of an Yozi's soul is then is then focused and guided by the starmetal Essence Channels made from 5 Gods of Martial Arts Prowess, chosen via exact requirements to fulfill the need of this awesome weapon. Unfortunately the gift is missing one potent ingredient - a Sidereal of sufficiently high essence to hammer into the Bracer. Just what would these bracers be capable of if such an ingredient was acquired will never been known, but as it stands it hardly needed more power.

When matched with its intended wearer the weapon’s own essence sustains the harmonized relationship between bracer and Desus. In fact it is considered a natural extension of Desus’ Essence by design, meaning the artifact is permanently attuned – to Desus’, and by extension Swan’s, Essence Spark. Nothing short of the direct intervention of the Yozi whose Soul was used to make the Bracer, and even that would need to be done in person, can break this attunement.

Attunement Powers
These are powers that will function as long as it is attuned and both Bracer and Desus is on the same realm of Existence (Same Waypoint in the Wyld, both in Creation, in Yu-Shan, in Malfeas, in Underworld, etc)

Since it is a permanent attunement to Desus' Exaltation spark it is always on, and yes Swan gets these bonuses and have had these bonuses since his Exaltation

  • The demon/god combined "will" of the Bracer is completely devoted to the protection and service of its master. It is perfectly capable of using its reality bending ability to protect its master. Attacks that should hit would suddently veer off target, a deadly strike to the heart would twist at last minute and become a flesh wound, etc.
    • This translates to a constant -3 External Penalty against all incoming attacks, even ones Desus is not aware of.
    • This impossible set of physical laws that surrounds him also means he can impossibly block attacks that normally could not be blocked (Unblockable Attacks, not Surprised Attacks).
  • The level of protection also means that Desus is not adversely affected by Malfean weather, as they are impossibly turned away from him at the last minute.
  • The bracers add the following specialities to Desus, these are bonus Specialties and thus does not count towards the 3 Specialty Max per Skill limitation. But being a Specialty, no more than 3 can be applied to any given roll.
    • +1 Social: Seduction
    • +1 Social: Identify Vices
    • +1 Martial Arts: Unarmed
  • The bracers also add 2 dot to Desus' Martial Arts, Dodge, and Social
  • The bracers also adds 2 dot to Desus' Strength, Dexterity and Stamina
  • The bracers also secretly enforce a Inviolate Positive Intimacy towards Bright Shattered Ice (and thus Arianna)
    • Treat as Subtle Servitude Effect in that Desus will always love Bright Shattered Ice
    • It does not imply that he needs to be mean to anyone else, or need to only love Bright Shattered Ice

Powers when worn

  • The bracers add Desus’ Essence score to the accuracy, damage and defense of his melee and range attacks.
  • He may also choose to inflict Bash or Lethal damage with his melee attacks at will.
  • The bracer also adds the bearer’s Essence to his natural soak. Unlike normal natural soak these added levels can soak aggravated damage. These bonuses are a modification of Desus’ nature and therefore expressly stackable with other bonuses.
  • The bracers’ main power is to allow Desus to break the arbitrary limit placed upon him by the jealous Gods of Martial Arts.
    • Instead of the normal limit of only 1 Martial Arts Form Charm active at any given time, the bracer allows him to use (his Essence / 2 rounded up) number of Form Charms simultaneously. Should multiple forms modify the same trait then only the most advantageous bonus on that specific instance is applied.
    • The limitation of Form Weapons are also lifted, and thus he can use Form Charms with incompatible fighting styles readily.
      • This is only in application to Form Charms, it does not mean he can use a normal MA charm with a non-form weapon. It won't allow him to use Charms such as those of the Righteous Devil Style with a Whipping Chain or Dire Lance.
  • Desus’ Bracers has 1 Hearthstone Socket on each bracer and has the function of both Orichalcum and Jade Hearthstone Bracers. This adds 2 dice of damage to all hand to hand and range attacks and also lowers the speed of these attacks by 1 tick.
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