Dies Natalis Solis Invicti

First Age Magitech Orichalcum Celestial Battle Armor, 5 Dots

Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, is the ancient festival of Unconquered Sun that falls on the Winter Solstice and was celeberated without fail in the High First Age. As the Solar corruption spread, it became ever increase festival that displayed the worse excesses of Solar caprice. After the usurpation the festival was striken from celestial calender and Winter Solstice became a day of rememberance and self-reflection.

The armor was built in the unsullied period of the Age of Gold and was never worn. Its not marked thus its maker unknown. It was probably an heartfelt offering by an humble solar who made this to honor his, or her, beloved patriarch god. It was stored in Halls of Arms on one of Unconquered Sun's property in Yu-Shan. At the gold faction's urgings Klytaimnēstra borrowed it from her divine father.

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Attune
Attuned +12L/12B 8L/8B -0 1 10
Attuned by Solar +13L/13B 9L/9B -0 0 8
  • Magitech Armor has no Material Bonus, but this suit is especially designed to work with Solar Essence
  • This armor will not function unless a 3 Dot Hearthstone is socketed
    • At which point the Hearthstone is completely dedicated to powering the device and grants its user none of its powers
    • There are 3 Hearthstone sockets, the user can reflexively choose which one looses power at any time
  • +2 dots to Strength for feats of strength, calculating jump distance, clinching, and inflicting damage with attacks
  • +2 bonus to Resistance against poison and all forms of disease (including wound infection)
  • Can magically protect the wearer from non-magical environmental damage (including suffocation) for up to 1 hour.
    • It recharges at the same rate as consumed - 1 minute of use takes 1 minute to recharge.
  • As a reflexive action, the wearer gains a +2 bonus to Awareness.
  • The wearer can reflexively activate Essence Sight for 3 motes per scene, which also automatically pierces any dragon armor cloaking device.
    • In addition, when the character activates the armor’s Essence sight, she can also see unmanifested spirits, ghosts, living beings and enchanted objects (including walking dead and automatons) as glowing presences.
    • In addition, the wearer can see the Essence-flows of demesnes and manses at the range of her normal vision and can easily tell the power of these locations and if their Essence flows have been properly capped.
  • Armor doubled movement rate; It allows an 10mph marching movement rate.
    • If the wearer takes a normal dash action and spends 5 motes of Essence, the armor can temporarily compress the fabric of Creation so that the wearer moves at a speed 10 times faster than his speed with the armor, which is 20 times faster than her maximum dash when not wearing this armor.
      • This increased speed is compatible with Charms to increase running or jumping.
  • The armor naturally resonate with the essence of the wearer and infuse her flesh with the essence of wood. While wearing this armor, the owner heals one level of bashing damage every tick and one level of lethal damage every hour.
  • The entire armor is infused with essence and blessed by the gods of martial arts. This allows the wearer to parry lethal attacks without a stunt. The punches and kicks with the armor have the respective statistics above
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Tags
Punch 5 +1 +5B +2 2 / Pair of Arms N
Kick 5 +0 +5L -2 2 N
Clinch 6 +2 +3L 1/ Pair of arm N, C, P

Additional Pair of Magitech Arms

Unusually the armor has an pair of extra appendage under the normal arms. These appendage can impossibly morph itself into various forms. Some common forms are

  • A pair of arms and hands - forming the sacred 4 arm form of the Unconquered Sun
    • These arms can perform task just as natural as her normal arms
    • These arms adds 2 success to her clinch contest rolls.
  • Folded back then extended outwards to form a pair of huge orichalcum wings with a wingspan of 42 feet
    • The wings allow the wearer to fly at a speed of 20 yards per tick
    • It has a non-combat maximum speed of 100 miles per hour
      • Though at this speed the armor can only fly for a number of hours equal to the wearer’s permanent Essence.
    • These speeds are not doubled, though they do work with the Space Diliation.
    • Maneuverability with these wings are limited. Roll (Dexterity + Athletics), difficulty 1, for the Exalt to make any sudden change in course.
  • Can also be shaped into any melee weapon - though she rarely does this.
    • It can be shaped to any standard melee weapon smaller than Warstrider scaled weapons
    • These weapons are treated as Orichalcum Weapons that are already attuned (with material bonus)
    • These weapons are not Artifact Equilvant of their weapons. They are normal weapons with magical material bonus for orichalcum

The Golden Crested Helm

This golden Crested Helm is an awesome tool of leadership.

  • The wearer can be perfectly heard in a range equal to her Permanent Essence x 50 yards
  • Her voice becomes supernaturally enhanced and becomes impossible to ignore - effectively negating dodge MDVs
  • Adds +2 dice to all Presence Rolls to inspire and lead
  • Adds another +4 dice to all rolls to make speeches or verbal performances (including appropriate stunted Rally Rolls)
    • This means for most rally rolls via Speech or Verbal Performance she gains +6 to her dice pool.
  • The helm adds the wearer's essence in Automatic Successes to any contest against sonic or sight based attacks (e.g. only when she is on defense)

Matching Thunderbolt Shield

The armor also has a matching Thunderbolt Shield that somehow ended up in War Captain Balan's possession.

  • Dagnir would return it to its rightful owner
    • Dagnir returned the Shield to its "rightful" owner
  • It is not known why the armor ended up in the Armoury in Yu-Shan and the shield ended up in Rathess
  • When linked with the armor the shield would starts to shimmers with essence and starts giving off tiny Sun Flare like Essence discharges.
  • When the shield is used in defense it can project a huge golden essence field in front of itself. This essence shield is sufficiently large that it allows her Parry DV to be used against AOE attacks, Siege Weapons, and directional Environmental Hazards.
  • In mass combat this effectively means she can use parry charms in War without the need for Stunts and replaces any shield DV bonus of her complementary unit with the superior bonus from the Thunderbolt Shield
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