Ebon Siaka's Discrete Essence Emitter Graft

Ebon Siaka's 4 Dot Artifact Armor Graft


Arranged around her torso like Soulsteel insect legs with Black Jade armor plating are the emitters for this unique set of Essence Armor. The emitters generates an constant field of essence that interdicts all incoming attacks with black translucent hexagonal essence discs. The size of the disc is dependent on the force and size of the attack, but functionally they are not individual protection and is subsumed by the overall protection it grants.

  • The field is more of an interdiction field and not really armor, thus it has a incredibly high Hardness Rating that is added to any armor she might already wear
  • The Field functions as an Omnidirectional Shield adding +3 to her Dodge and Parry DV

The most important aspect of this armor is that the field it generates protects Ebon Siaka from the enormous pressure of the depth and allows her unparalleled mobility on and under the water by converting pockets of water around her into air which pushes her away in the opposite direction.

  • With this implant she has complete freedom in water.
    • She can breathe water as easily as air and is incapable of drowning.
    • She also ignores the environmental penalty for actions she takes underwater, including such improbable actions as firing her Coffin Nailer.
    • She can see in the deepest lightness depths as if she were in bright daylight
    • As a final bonus, she can walk across the surface of a body of water as easily as solid ground.
  • She can "jet ski" through water at impressive speed of 50 mph
  • The maneuvering system is highly tuned, granting her 4 dice bonus on all movement and atheletic actions while in/on water
  • This incredible speed and maneuverability also adds 3 to her Dodge DV
  • The graft has 2 Hearthstone sockets (considered Skin Mounted Hearthstone Amulets) on the central unit near the groin
Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Attune Tags
Discrete Essence Field +3L/3B +7L/7B -0 0 None
  • The Hardness and Soak value are fully stacked with any armor she may be wearing (normally none)
  • The Field functions as an Omnidirectional Shield adding +3 to her Dodge and Parry DV
    • This means she has +3 to Parry DV and +6 to Dodge DV in Water
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