Dragon Tear Tiera
2 Dot Artifact Headgear

Another common decorative item during the First Age, these tiaras and circlets were forged from the magical material favored by their intended wearer and incorporate the same motifs used in hearthstone amulets. Regardless of the material from which they’re crafted, all dragon tear tiaras provide the same benefits.

Each has a setting for a hearthstone located directly over the character’s caste mark. Dragon tear tiaras require the commitment of two motes of Essence to activate the hearthstone and the tiara’s own magical powers. When attuned, the tiara adds one die to the character’s Perception pool. The character instead gains a bonus of three dice when she is attempting to perform geomancy, to use astrology, to detect spirits or to otherwise perform tasks that require occult sensitivity. This does not include rolls for sorcery.

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