4 Dot Artifact

An unusual solar weapon. This saber is forged in the southern style with an edge of Orichalcum and a core of Moonsilver. While Ali Akbar Davar never gave the blade a name, others called it "Durendal" or "To Endure" for it is said that nothing can break the blade.

The weapon is completely indestructible and is considered one of the wonders of the First Age. It is widely known as the first artifact by Solar hands that are indestrucible1. Ali's allies praised his genius, while the skeptical whispered that he stole the secrets from the Jade Born. His enemies however claim that he consorted with the Yozis. Ali went to his grave without ever setting the record straight and his reincarnations have no memories of it.

Speed: 3
Accuracy: +4 (+6 with Material Bonus)
Damage: +6L/2
Defense: +1 (+4 with Material Bonus)
Rate: 3 (+2 with Material Bonus)
Minimums: Str ••, Dex ••••
Attunement Cost: 8 for Solars and Lunars
Tags: P, O

  • The blade is incredibly Sharp and is considered Piercing (as reflected in the Tags)
  • The blade is also incredibly balanced and fast, with an speed rating of 3
  • For all intent and purpose the blade is indestructible. While it technically can be broken, its existence is tied in with that of Creation by a accident. Thus as long as Creation endures so will the artifact.
    • This has no set mechanical effect and is more a storytelling one.
  • While the fame of its durability overshadows all its other abilities, the blade is incredibly deadly. It is incredibly quick and actually becomes almost liquid like in its ability to twist, bend, extend and shrink with a will of its own - complementing the attack perfectly
    • This ability to bend and twist in improbable manner means the first attack against unsuspecting foe is considered Suprise attack
    • On subsequent attacks the opponent suffers -2 External penalty to his Parry and Dodge DV
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