Ebon Siaka's Right Hand

Ebon Siaka's custom 5 Dot Bio-Magitech Prosthetic


Ebon Siaka's Soul is barely sufficient to hold the Black Exaltation and being so her connection with the Supernatural is tenuous at best. Needing such a heavy investment to generate worthwhile returns the Silver Prince augmented her with the tools to enable her to serve her function as the Overseer of the Black Fleet.

To this end he personally designed an Necro-Magitech Tool in the form of an prosthetic and replaced Ebon Siaka's healthy arm with it. Being a "kind" master the arm is well made and functions in every way better than the original. The arm's main purpose is that it allows Ebon Siaka to make repairs and fine tuning without the need of carrying external equipment, its combat applications are secondary considerations at best.

  • The arm appears as beautifully crafted form fitting gauntlet, it is only when one looks close at the jagged wound that fuses the tool to her stummpy upper arm does one realize it is not armor at all.
  • Being made of Soul-Steel Composite the arm can be used to parry lethal damage without a stunt
  • Hidden in the Forearm are a set of wicked soulsteel claws that can be extended between the knuckles as a reflexive action
    • The claws in addition to being dangerous weapons are also able to assist in climbing, add 2 die to the athletic roll
  • The arm allows Ebon Siaka, after spending 2 motes, to create simple tools from the sinister red essence that emminates from the space between the armor plating. These tools of solidified essence does not require physical handling and offers a level of sensitivity and control that no hand held counterparts can offer. It adds a number of automatic successes equal to her Essence to all fine manipulation rolls that these tools are involved in. Things such as Lock Picking, Surgery, Cooking, Craft (Magitech), Craft (Air), etc. Any task where precision are paramount falls under the infulence of this wonderous item.
    • In addition to being compatible with all Craft Charms, these bracers satisifying all requirement for simple tools. It does not satisify the requirement of having a intricate magitech artifact tool, but things such as screw drivers, tiny hammers, lock picks, etc. are all satisified.
    • In addition these essence tools allow Ebon Siaka to shape ambrosia and quintessence without the use of Charms - as long as she is able to handle the normally dematerialized material.
  • While the tool the arm can make handles the finesse aspect of Ebon Siaka's job, the hand itself fulfills the need to shape large metal objects.
    • Arm is completely impervious to all heat, and they confer the same protection on the rest of her right arm and right shoulder. She can reach into the central plasma furnace of a First Age Factory-Cathedral and scoop out a handful of molten orichalcum and feel only a pleasant warmth.
    • The protection it grants to rest of her however is still significant, but not total immunity. She gains +10L/10B Soak and Hardness to all heat or flame based attacks for as long as she can interdict the attack with her right arm.
  • The arm can heat itself with a thought and becomes instantly hot enough to melt stone and steel. This effectively means she has an exceptional blacksmith's forge on her person at all times. This allows Ebon Siaka to add +1 die bonus to all Craft(Fire) rolls to make or repair objects.
    • Used in combat it can be used to destroy non-magical material (or comparably invulnerable) items.
      • Reducing the item's permanent health level/soak by the damage of the attack
  • The arm and its interface is also stronger and more precise than the original, granting her +2 to Strength and +1 to Dexterity on tasks performed with that arm.
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Defense Cost Minimums Attune Tags
Retractable Claw 5 +4 +5L (+4A Heated) 3 +2 •••• Str••, Dex•• None P when Heated, M
Punch 5 +0 +8B (+5A Heated) 2 +2 •••• Str•• None P, M
Clinch 6 +0 +3B (+3A Heated) 1 - •••• Str•• None P, C, M
  • The retractable claws when used in climbing adds 2 dice
  • The Punch attack is especially effective against inanimate objects, double post soak damage dice pool
  • Whenever attack made with this arm deals at least 1 heath level of damage it drains a number of motes of essence equal to her Essence Score from the victim. She does not gain this essence, it is simply absorbed by the material it is made from.
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