Fated Endings

Ryu Hayabusa's 5 Dot Reaver Daiklave

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Material Bonus Included 4 +5 +7L +1 3 Str •• 5 •• P

An ancient weapon that was forged during the preparation for the usurpation. It is crafted from the Starmetal of gods that perished in the throes of Solar depravity, folded with threads of time woven with a living destiny taken from the loom and tempered with the blessing of the Maiden of Endings. Its specific origin and design means it can only be used by a Chosen of Endings, and in this age Ryu Hayabusa is the one blessed to bear this holy writ of ending.

The weapon is considered a special weapon of fate - especially blessed to remove the cancer at the heart of Creation. Attack rolls and Damage Rolls made with the fated weapon against Solars are made at 1 lower in target number (6 as opposed to 7). This also means a Sidereal only need 1 WP and 3 motes to turn all dice into successes.

By spending 1 willpower the wielder can slash into thin air against a target in his direct line of sight and send the attack into the tapestry of fate. At some point within the next essence days, most likely when the target is unaware, the slash reemerges as the loom weaves it into existence. GM determines the moment of attack.

These slashes strikes outside of time and space and uses the dice pool of the original attack - including all modifiers. Such an attack cannot be enhanced by active charms. Aside from suffering the attacks the only way1 to avoid the attack is to escape into an location that is outside the purview of the Loom of Fate2 for its duration.

The blade can send a number of attack equal to the wielder's permanent essence score this way.

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