Fiery Solar Cannon
5 Dot Magitech Artifact Weapon
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Cost Minimums Attune
Full Power Shot 5 +3 18L 1* 300 2 Str ••• 8
Half Power Shot 5 +3 9L 1* 300 1 Str ••• 8
  • * If desired, the character can attack an additional number of separate targets equal to her permanent Essence simultaneously, with no penalties for multiple actions.
  • The blasts are considered Holy and does Aggravated damage to Creatures of Darkness
  • The blasts from the weapon is considered "arrow" so follows the standard M, L, Extreme Range rules and allows the use of most Archery Charms including charms that enhance the ammo - such as Essence Arrow

This is one of the most powerful handheld weapons created during the First Age. The body of the weapon is carved from a single five-sided tube of perfect ruby inlaid with intricate orichalcum essence conductance chants. This weapon is three feet long and as thick as a grown man’s calf, and it can be wielded only by one of the Solar Exalted. It is normally carried over the wielder’s back and requires the user to stand still and use both hands to fire it. (The wearer cannot use a move action while firing this weapon, and he can dodge or parry only by using reflexive Charms or persistent Charms that are already in effect.) When fired, this weapon shoots balls of golden sun fire that fly as swiftly as an arrow and then explode into a sunburst two yards in diameter - damaging everything in the radius. This attack can be dodged, but it cannot be parried without Charms that allow the user to parry unblockable attacks. These sunbursts burn the target with the radiance of the Unconquered Sun and damage stone or metal as readily as they damage flesh. The user must expend two motes of Solar Essence for every shot.

Although this weapon can be fired only once in a flurry (per its Rate), the wielder can cause it to simultaneously fire a number of additional balls of sun fire equal to his permanent Essence in a single shot. Each attack must be aimed at a separate target. Each target dodges each ball of sun fire separately, but all of these attacks use the same attack roll, with no loss of dice from multiple actions. Each ball of sun fire costs an additional two motes of Essence, however. The character may spend only one mote per shot to fire less powerful balls of sun fire, which are only one yard in diameter.

This weapon requires the user to commit eight motes of Essence to it. In addition, he must also insert a Fire or Solar hearthstone of at least level 2 into the base of the weapon, for each additional dot above this requirement the Hearthstone lowers the cost of the blast by 1 (becoming 0 at 4 dots). This hearthstone provides no benefits to the user, as all of its energy is used to help power the solar cannon. This item must be serviced after every 100 shots. If it is not maintained, the fiery solar cannon will lose levels of damage from its rating for every 10 additional shots fired until it is no longer capable of firing. As this artifact can be used only by the Solar Exalted, so the material bonus for orichalcum has already been figured into this weapon’s stats.

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