Orichalcum Automata Pony Guardian

An orichalcum automata pony made from what remained of the construction of the Aegis of the North and East. It is a gift meant to safeguard the second prince-ling of the Sun - Flawless Oak's son Balan1.

  • Made in Rathess by the Servitor of the Central Hearth per the request of the Golden Custodian of North and East
  • Came with a Stone of Underwater Freedom already socketed
    • The hearthstone has since been taken by the Solars on their quest for Mecca
    • Fire Orchid spent a week to jury-rig an adapter for Rathess Power Crystal
      • Unfotunately the Essence Network of rathess is only an 1 dot Hearthstone, thus Fluttershy functions for 12 hours before shutting down for 10 hours to refill its Essence Pool from the socket.
  • 3 Dot Magitech Automata
  • Automata capable of learning new skills
  • Resovoir of 10 motes
    • Each hour of operation drains 2 motes from the resevoir
    • Has a hearthstone casing (socket) as the heart of the pony. Regains 1 mote per dot of Hearthstone per hour
    • Running out of power erases all character development - resets to default
  • Attribute: Strength 3, Dexterity 3, Stamina 5, Charisma 2, Manipulation 2, Appearance 3, Perception 3, Intelligence 2, Wits 3
  • Athletics 2, Awareness 2, Dodge 3, Integrity 5, Investigation 2, Linguistics (Old Realm, Forest Tongue, Windspeak) 2, Lore 1, Martial Arts 2, Medicine 1 (First Aid 2), Occult 1, Performance 2, Presence 1, Resistance 5, Stealth 4, Socialize 1, Survival 1
  • Soak 7L/7B, Hardness 7L/7B
  • Health Level: -0 (8)/Incap
  • Dodge DV: 4
  • Parry DV: 3
  • Willpower: 10 (0 to Owner)
  • Essence 1, Essence Pool 10

Notes: Automaton physiology, has retractable manipulators built in to each shoulder, function as arms and hands.

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