Gosarrian Amulet
3 Dot Artifact Amulet
  • Gosar Communal State is an ancient kingdom of the North that stood as one of the Great Cultures of the East. The Usurpation utterly wiped it from the face of Creation as its inhabitants stood with their Solar master against the Dragon-Blooded Legion.
  • This Gosarrian Amulet is an Orichalcum amulet that projects a transparent layer of energy and functions identically as Descreet Essence Armor
    • Does not glow like normal Essence Armor and is slightly stronger (Hence it is one dot higher)
    • Soak +6L/6L, Hardness 3L/3B, Attune 5 (10 for Material bonus for him, +2 to Soaks, +1 to Hardness)
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