Green Eyes

1 Dot Dragon-King Plant Artifact

These translucent cylindrical objects are actually tiny plants, like many pieces of Dragon King Equipment. If placed onto the eyes of a living creature, they spread out very thinly, covering the entire eye in short order. For 6 hours after allowing the plant to cover his eyes, the wearer is effectively blinded. During this time, the buds are acclimating themselves to the peculiarities of their wearer and adapting their structure to provide him the maximum benefit. After this adaptation period has passed, the plants turn clear from the inside, but appear a dark green in color from the outside, making the wearer’s entire eye appear as if filled with smooth deep green crystal.

  • The bonus of this plant only applies to physical perception rolls. It does not add to anything else involving perception. It will not add bonus to using range weapons, nor does it help with figuring out a person's next move in a chess game.
  • The plant grants the wearer clarity of vision that enables him to see details at 10x the normal range (10x Magnification).
    • For purpose of perception rolls calculate difficulty as if the object/thing is 10x as close
  • The plant also filters light and shifts through the various spectrums to better enhance detail, emphasize movements, contrasts, etc. Colors are more vivid and the lighting more gentle.
    • This filtering effectively adds 1 automatic success
  • The benefit of these eyes do not add do not add to bonuses granted by non-physical means, but neither do they interfere with those that grant benefits greater than those afforded by the green eyes.
    • It will work with binoculars or other physical enhancement to perception
    • It will not add to Charms that multiplies vision, adds successes, etc. You would use whichever is higher
  • The Plant can filter specific spectrum to allow the wearer limited night vision.
    • The wearer can see during starlit night as bright morning
    • Since this ability only amplifies existing light it does not allow the wear to see in perfect darkness
    • Because of it filters and focuses existing light the wearer’s eyes are reflective in the dark just like nocturnal animals

Green eyes are usually found in small globular containers throughout Rathess. They require 1 mote of Essence per day to operate. Otherwise, they revert to an inert state and fall from wearer’s eyes

Note: One of the side effect of this implant is that it suppresses the blink reflex, since the eye lid can no longer comfortably fit over the additional material

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