Halo of Kadesh

Lyta's First Age Royal Scout Warstrider (5 Dot Artifact)


Lyta inherited along with her Essence the Halo of Kadesh - the Royal Scout Warstrider of her First Age Solar Exalted. This tiny warstrider only stands 14 feet tall but is a fully awakened royal strider build for speed and agility. Nigh-indestructible this mechanical wonder is constructed completely of orichalcum.

House within the fuselage of the Warstrider and above the head of the pilot is the Vermilion Jewel of Kadesh (Gem of Perfect Mobility), Hearthstone of the first age Solar's personal manse1, and the resting place of the Halo. The manse is a •••••• Solar Manse and its main purpose is the maintenance, repair and storage of the Halo. Unable to enter the sanctuary the Solar's Body was entombed elsewhere and all mention of the structure struck form records.

Warstrider Class Soak Hardness Strength Mobility Fatigue Attunement
Royal Scout 22L/22B 11L/11B 14 -1 3 25
  • The Halo of Kadesh is not immune to wear and tear and is subjected to maintenance rules outlined in page 147 of the “Wonders of the Lost Age” book. Fortunately Kadesh is an automated maintenance manse specific designed for the Warstrider. Every hour spent docked into its receptacle is equivalent to 2 hour of more mundane repair.
  • The Halo Flight System (Artifact ••••): The name sake of the Warstrider is the unique Halo Flight System. When activated the entire armor start emitting solar essence and can maneuver through the air with near zero inertia. Granting it impossible agility and speed while leaving intricate trails of these sparkles that linger till next sunrise. While in flight the pilot adds +5 to her Dodge DV and to all dicepools involving flight, including aerial hand-to-hand combat. The normal flight speed is equal to 4x its normal land movement rate [(Dex + Mobility) x 10] yards per tick. Its top speed is 160 miles per hour and a flight ceiling considered to be 2 miles. Warstriders in flight can only be attacked by range weapons unless the attacker also has flight capabilities or some other means of reaching the warstrider while it is airborne. The flight system costs an additional 5 motes per scene or hour of flight.
  • The Halo of Kadesh has a Range Fire Lance built into each forearm and can operate in Stream Mode or Fan Mode. Due to the integrated nature of the weapon it cannot be used in melee.
  • The Main Weapon of the Halo of Kadesh is the “Fiery Retribution” a Grand Daiklave of Pure Sun Light: Speed 5, Acc +3, Dmg +30L/10 Holy, Defense +2, Rate 3, Min Str 4, Attune 8, 2 O P R.
    • The Weapon only functions when in contact with the Essence Anima of the Halo of Kadesh and is light enough to be used one handed.
  • The Halo of Kadesh has a matching and appropriately sized Orichalcum Thunderbolt Shield.

Spirit of the Halo

Essence 3 Awokened Least God of the Royal Strider Halo of Kadesh


Compassion: 1 Conviction: 4 Appearance: 3
Perception: 3 Intelligence: 2 Wits: 3
Charisma: 2 Manipulation: 4 Temperance: 5 Valor: 5 (Never fails)

The hibernating spirit of the Warstrider was awakened when her mistress’ spark initiated the second breath. The unique bond forged by First Age Solars proves immune to the machination of the Sidereal and the changing of ages. The Spirit of Halo called out to her partner and resonated with the Exaltation that Lyta holds.

  • His stats are low because Halo of Kadesh is very inexperienced. Made as a matter of course than for actual use. By then the Solars are already masters of all of Creation and had little need for tools of war.
  • The Spirit of Halo has an Essence of 3 and a reserve of 30 motes of Essence, which can be used to fuel Essence weapons or other Essence devices built into the warstrider or to fuel Charms that can be channeled through the warstrider itself.
  • He has no virtues and can never succeed in a virtue roll, except for Valor rolls, which it can never fail.
  • The AI can permit anyone attuned to the warstrider to perceive his surroundings as if the helm were his actual head, totally negating all Perception-based penalties for piloting a warstrider.
  • The AI can also “speak” out of the warstrider’s mouth or permit the pilot to do so, making communication much easier.
  • The AI has some recollection of the First Age (roll Intelligence + Essence).
  • The AI can communicate telepathically with the most recent pilot to attune to it at a range of up to five miles away.
  • It can actively attempt to prevent a new pilot from maintaining or starting attunement to the warstrider by winning an opposed and extended roll using Essence. Each round of this contest is 6 ticks, and the one who wins by 5 success succeed in their given task. He can attempt this once every hour, and the warstrider is switched to inactive status till contest resolves.
  • The AI remembers most of its prior existence (including one automatic success on any attempt to remember information about prior pilots and an unmodified Intelligence roll to remember generalized First Age lore).
  • While the AI cannot actually materialize, it can project a phantasmal image, which appears to the pilot inside the fuselage and can make Appearance-based rolls accordingly.
  • It has the Charm Measure the Wind, Essence Bite, Tracking, Camouflage, Donning Spiritual Armor, Spirit-Cutting
    • All of these charms can be channeled through the Warstrider (e.g. take effect on the Warstrider)
      • In the unlikely event Spirit of the Halo reaches Essence 5 (impossible without an Cult Rating of 42) he will gain the Divine (Martial Arts) Subordination: To aid his solar (Compassion Flaw). Which means he can channel the Perfect Martial Arts charm through the Warstrider.
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