Healing Orchid

2 Dot Dragon-King Plant Artifact1

While humans made use of the potent healing properties of the blue and purple life flowers (see Scavenger Sons, p. 33), the Dragon Kings created the rare and potent healing orchid. This plant is designed to grown on living flesh and can be used by Dragon Kings, mortal humans and Exalts. Dragon Kings and Exalts must commit 4 motes of Essence to keep this plant healthy. However, mortal humans must instead eat three times as much food as normal whenever this plant is actively helping healing. So long as the wearer is alive and this requirement is met, the plant will survive and function normally, although it will lose its flowers in extremely cold climates.

Normally planted on the arm of the wearer, this plant is a finger-thick vine that encircles the wearer’s arm, bearing several dozen thumb sized leaves and half a dozen small emerald-green flowers. This plant allows the wearer to heal far faster than normal.

Exalts wearing this flower

  • heal 1 level of bash damage per hour
  • or 1 level of lethal damage every three hours
  • +2 dice to resist poison, disease or infection

Mortals wearing this flower

  • Must have stamina of at least 4 to support the plant
  • Allows them to resist infection and to heal both bashing and lethal damage as speedily as an Exalt’s normal healing rate.
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