Hearthstone Bracers

2 Dot Artifact

Another common survivor of the First Age (and still manufactured occasionally the Dragon-Blooded), hearthstone bracers provide powerful defensive bonuses to the Exalt who wear them. These bracers come as a pair, one of which has a setting for a single hearthstone and the other of which is imbued with magical power. These powers work only for an Exalt of the appropriate type.

Hearthstone bracers require the commitment of four motes of Essence to activate them—two motes for each bracer. A bracer must be worn with its mate and will not activate unless worn as a pair. Regardless of construction, hearthstone bracers provide a three-die bonus to dodge attempts made by an attuned user.

Orichalcum: Ornately wrought in homage to the Unconquered Sun, these bracers cause the Solar Exalt who wears them to strike with the surety and power of the Unconquered Sun. All of the character’s attacks have their damage increased by two dice while he is wearing the bracers.

Moonsilver: Almost liquid or organic in appearance, moonsilver bracers lend a Lunar wearer the bracers’ own somewhat protean nature. The character’s lethal soak increases by two as her body adapts to fl ow around attacks.

Jade: Carved in elaborate draconic shapes, these bracers cause Dragon-Blooded characters wearing them to move with the speed of a striking dragon. These characters gain a -1 bonus to their Speed ratings for hand-to-hand or ranged attacks.

Starmetal: Starmetal bracers are decorated with elaborate abstract and astrological designs. Like much else made of starmetal, they are typically of minimalistic design, so as not to waste the precious stuff. Sidereal Exalted who attune these bracers to their animas move more in accordance with destiny. They add one to their weapons’ Accuracy and Defense.

Soulsteel: These items are uncommon, simply because the Deathlords rarely waste time forging objects of little power for their underlings. Soulsteel bracers are typically decorated with the sort of imagery common in war-tools in the Underworld—weeping faces, shrieking souls, skulls and the like. Soulsteel bracers bring the forces of entropy to bear on their target, decreasing her lethal and bashing soaks by two against the Abyssal’s attacks. This effect cannot reduce a target’s soak below 0.

Adamant: Adamant bracers are each carved from a single chunk of crystal and expertly faceted. They typically bear motifs of interlocking gears surrounded by intricate patterns of wire-like lines and nodes that pulse with flashes of indigo light when attuned. Attuned Exalts add one to their weapons’ Accuracy and two to Rate as they channel the precision of the Great Maker.

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