Infinite Jade Chakram - Tacticool™-lized
Flawless Oak's "Improved" Infinite Jade Chakram

Speed: 5
Accuracy: -1 (+0 when powered)
Damage: +3L (+5L when powered)
Defense: +2
Rate: 3
Range: 50m (60m when powered)
Minimums: Str •, Dex •••
Attune: 5
Cost: •••
Tags: (P when powered)

  • Can be used in melee, with Melee Ability, with no penalties
  • Returns to the owner's hand instantly, via Elsewhere, upon impact
  • Can be powered for one scene for 5 motes
    • Glows, Buzzs, and Humms when powered - more or less has the Obvious Tag and makes Stealth (and Sneak Attacks) near impossible
    • +1 to Accuracy
    • +2L to Damage
    • +10m to range
    • Becomes Piercing
  • Device is no longer an artifact and is now an Magictech Item. This means it can now be damaged easier. This includes directly attacking as a form of parry.


These weapons are NOT artifacts. They are not even Tested and Stable Magitech Weapons. They are jury rigs - one of a kind Magitech Experimental Prototypes. Thus they are finicky and fragile. All sorts of strange things, mostly bad, can happen if you botch with them. The GM and Players have far more liberty on these weapon's botches than they would others.

Both of these weapons require maintenance.

  • You guys are provided with maintenance manuals1 and the tools needed
  • Both items are Repair Rating 1
    • Skill Requirement: Lore 3
    • Resource needed: Resource 2
    • Time: 1 Hour
    • Repair Difficulty 3
  • Maintenance is assumed Automatically successful, so you guys do not need to worry about any rolls. You just need to satisfy the skill/resource/time requirement.
    • Rolls are required for Repairs however. This is especially true if the weapon is abused - E.g. taken damage from attacks, used wrong ammo, etc.
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