character:harmoniousjade's 4 Dot Artifact Bracer

The Inti is the orichalcum bracer gauntlet that Harmonious Jade retrieved from the mausoleum of her First Age Incarnation. The bracer’s main function is to sustain the “charm:immaculategoldenbow” charm. The bracer also functions as Orichalcum Hearthstone bracer with a Hearthstone Socket right on the back of the palm. The item is depicted on the Cover of the Core Rule book.

  • The bracer is intimately linked to the night caste anima and thus is only attunable by Night Caste Solars (and their mutated versions), though the item is designed to be used with the Solar charm, so it would do them little good to attune to.
  • Even without attunement the item exerts a powerful unnatural mental influence with Illusions Tag that preventing anyone from recognize the bracer as an artifact and/or as a weapon. Those under its influence will remember the Immaculate Golden Bow charm being used, but they would not remember that it was the bracer that channeled the energy.
    • This influence can be defended against only by Perfect Perception or Perfect Mental Defenses.
    • Alternatively those who were specifically searching for magical items on the wearer and achieve a threshold higher than the wearer’s Essence have the option to spent 2 willpower points to overcome this influence as well.
    • This compulsion holds even when they are confronted of its use.
  • The bracer functions as regular Orichalcum Hearthstone Bracer with 1 Socket. (+3 to Dodge Pool, +2 to all damage from all of the wearer’s attacks)
  • The Item’s attunement is unique however. The process is the same as any other artifact. At the end of which instead of committing pure Essence, the Solar actually use the “Immaculate Golden Bow”. From that point on, until the Solar cancels his commitment of essence to the Charm, the bracer is attuned.
  • Once attuned the Bracer stores and maintains the charm indefinitely and the bow can be put away or reactivated as a reflex action. Thus the wearer no longer requires using her 1 charm per action on summoning the bow and at the same time avoid the cost of 1wp for the charm.
  • When the bow is summoned via the bracer a small handle pops up from the inner side of the bracer and sides into the wearer’s waiting hand. From there an orichalcum power bow frame is impossibly unfolded from the tiny handle (like Stargate). As the frame grow it start to coruscate with solar essence and becomes an solid orichalcum replica of the Solar’s Immaculate Golden Bow. (This artifact only forms Bows, it does not form Firewands). The bracer adds the bonuses listed below to the Solar’s Golden Immaculate Bow
    • These bonuses are added to the Immaculate Bow Bonuses (Range of 300 yards. It has Rate and Accuracy equal to the Lawgiver’s permanent Essence score. It inflicts lethal damage, and its damage bonus is also equal to the character’s permanent Essence)
  • Once deactivated the bow folds back on itself, retracting back to the handle and then returns to its resting place on the bracer.
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Tags
Bracer's Bonus +2 +2LA +1 +100
Harmonious Jade's bow with Bonuses 6 +7 +7L 6 400 2, B
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