Ironic Jest

5 Dot Soulsteel Grand Daiklave

Like all Soulsteel weapons this Grand Daiklave is Jet Black with tormented souls that fade and reappears as if it’s a trick of the light. When drawn a constant swirling gloom of Red and Black surrounds it.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Defense Cost Minimums Attune Tags
Attuned 5 +3 +16L/4 3 +2 ••••• Str•• 10 2, O, P, R
Attuned for MM Bonus 5 +5 +16L/4 3 +2 ••••• Str•• 10 2, O, P, R
  • Cost 10 Motes to Attune
  • 3 Hearthstone Sockets (one on each side of the blade where the guard joins the hilt, and 1 at the tip of the blade)
  • The weapon releases a desolating and soul numbing chuckle when its attacks fail to do damage - including just flat out missed. All living things within hearing range (except those with the Whisper Background), be they friend or foe, regardless if they can physically hear sounds or not – since it is a supernatural effect and not actual sound waves, whose Dodge MDV is lower than the Essence of the Wielder +3 (9 in the Maiden's case) will be at -4 internal penalty for the rest of the scene1 as the chuckle wreck their souls and send their bodies into random spasms. This is an unnatural mental influence and requires 2 Willpower point commitment to resist this effect that expires at the end of the scene.
  • The blade is no better when its attack succeeds however. When an attack manages to do damage, it screams a desperate laughter of suffering. As if hot lead is being pour into their eye sockets, and instead of screaming, the poor saps can only laugh. The ghosts whose soul was used to make the material for the blade all rush to its surface, distorting its mirror like surface as blood trickles out of their orifices and drips down the blade. This is not all for show - the blade is literally drinking the life essences of the target and venting it out as blood. It adds levels of lethal damage equal to the wielder’s Essence (after damage is rolled, thus post Soak) to the attack but only to living targets.
    • This is real blood and can be used as such
  • Being such an conduit of life essence, the blade effectively doubles the Essence gain by Abyssal Life Draining abilities and Charms - such as Ravenous Mouth of (Ability) Charms
  • All this is in addition to the intrinsic essence draining property of Soulsteel
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