Legendary Artifact Trident

Islebreaker is the personal weapon of Admiral Leviathan, crafted for the Lunar by his Solar mate and mentor Kendik Arkadi during the High First Age. The moonsilver trident is a potent artifact, capable of crushing artifact ship hulls with the force of a tsunami. Nonetheless, the Admiral’s great trident is of little use to most Exalted, as it is incredibly incredibly haevy.

  • It would requires others to possess Strength+Athletics of at least 60 to lift or wield.
    • This item is great to pin things down (including creative use of Clinches)
      • Leviathan in his youthful days was fond of pinning opponent's neck between the prongs.
    • However, It is enchanted so that only the bearer of Leviathan or Kendik Arkadi's sparks may wield Islebreaker as normal.
  • When charged with Essence, Islebreaker may deliver particularly devastating blows to objects. During Step 1 of combat, the wielder may spend 10 motes to double the weapon’s base damage dice for a single attack against an object.
    • The wielder may spent up to 50 motes of Essence for extra damage in this manner, doubling each time - to an amazing +256L/+384L.
    • Regardless of whether the attack hit or misses the motes are spent.
    • These extra damage is not subject to Charms or effects that multiply damage, and if such effects are in play the Islebreaker’s extra damage is added to the new base damage after they have been calculated.
  • Islebreaker has 3 hearthstone setting placed at the base of each prong.
Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Range Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Attuned 5 +2 +8L/+12L +2 2 40 Str ••• 6 ••••• 2, D, R, L, T
Material Bonus 5 +4 +8L/+12L +4 2 60 Str ••• 6 ••••• 2, D, R, L, T
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