Jadeborn Artifact Crossbow

2 Dot for Assault Crossbow, 3 Dot for Onslaught Crossbow

While rare among mortals, crossbows are the primary long-distance weapons of the Jadeborn. They are ideal weapons in the tunnels and caverns of their underground world. addition to the crossbow (see Exalted, p. 372), the Mountain Folk also manufacture powerful mechanized crossbows that include complex mechanisms to amplify their power as well as small and discreet hand crossbows.

All crossbows can fire one of three types of ammunition. The most common are crystal-tipped, armor-piercing bolts identical in effect to target arrows (+0L damage, piercing damage). Blunt-headed bolts are identical in effect to fowling arrows (bashing damage, +2B) and flechette bolts with crystal shafts designed to splinter into a dozen jagged shards on impact are identical in effect to frog crotch arrows (+4L damage, double the lethal soak of the target’s armor before applying this damage).

For elite troops and Artisans, the Jadeborn also create crossbows consisting of large amounts of jade and small amounts of several other magical materials. These devices require Essence to attune but gain no bonuses from the magical materials because they use mixtures of several. Assault crossbows contain a socket for a single hearthstone. Onslaught crossbows have a hearthstone socket, which must be fitted with a level-2 stone or better in order to function. (The hearthstone provides no other benefits while in use thus.) Powered in this way, onslaught crossbows create their own ammunition (of whatever of the three base types is desired) out of Essence, fire with greater force and even cock themselves after firing.

Name Speed Accuracy Damage Rate Range Attune Cost Tags
Assault Crossbow 5 +3 8L 1 250 5 •• 2, B
Onslaught Crossbow 5 +3 12L 2 300 6 ••• 2, B

Ammo Types

  • Crystal-tipped, Armor-piercing Bolts/Target Arrows: +0L damage, piercing damage
  • Blunt-Headed Bolts/Fowling Arrows: +2B, Bashing Damage
  • Flechette Bolts/Frog crotch Arrows: +4L damage, double the lethal soak of the target’s armor before applying this damage.
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