Kine Horn of the War Captain

War Horn of the War Captain, version of Tassels of Ahlat

This is a form of Tassels of Ahlat and contains the memories of the War Captain Balan.

  • Owner gains access to all of the War Captain's memories before his death
    • Minus the Sidereals
    • This is complete memory but without emotion or inner thought
    • It is pretty much watching a complete record of the War Captain's life as he sees it, but not how he felt or what he thought.
  • Owner can draw upon the memories and gains +1 die bonus to Melee and War dice pools
    • Max of 5 times per Session
    • Reflexive Action
  • Characters with less than 3 dots of conviction who makes frequent use of the bonus from the horn might start to mistake Balan's memory for their own
    • Upon exhausting his willpower he forgets his own identity and believes he is Balan
    • Until he recovers at least 1 willpower point
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