Kin Tamenuri Gusoku

5 Dot Jade-steel Superheavy Plate

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
Attuned +17L/17B 11L/11B -1 2 ••••• 10
With Material Bonus +17L/17B 11L/11B -1 0 ••••• 10
Type Soak Dodge DV Parry DV Mobility Fatigue Attune Tags
Matching Thunder Bolt Shield +2L/2B +2 +2 0 0 10

Kin Tamenuri Gusoku is one of the heirloom armor of House Tepet, and the Symbol of Office of the Commander of the East. It was proudly worn by character:tepetarda and was transferred to character:tepetryuji when the latter took over command of the Legions of the East on the order of the Thousand Scales. Tepet Ryuji would end up loosing the East and be responsible for the most humiliating defeat in the record of the Scarlet Empire. To make the matter worse, he was captured alive by the Anathema and this heirloom stripped from his body. He was then sent back to the Blessed Realm unmolested as the symbol of Dragon-Blooded shame.

The armor was rightfully claimed by the Bull of the North as spoils of War but he did not hold it. He already had his sights set on a grander set and passed this armor to Dace as a token of appreciation for Dace's constant fidelity.

Never a boastful man, Dace had the armor remodeled in Rathess to be less connected to the Tepet House.

  • The Bull have given character:dace a Fivefold Harmonic Adapter allowing Dace to attune the armor for Material Bonus without the additional cost
  • The armor has a built allows the wearer to gain a -1 bonus to his Speed ratings for hand-to-hand or ranged attacks. (This is because it has a built in Jade-steel Hearthstone Bracer)
  • The same built in Jade-steel Hearthstone Bracer also adds +3 die bonus to Dodge Pool (Pretty much negate the -1 Mobility Penalty to Dodge DV)
  • The armor is also a potent aid to any field commander
    • With 2 motes it enhances his voice with Essence and allow it to be heard clearly up to the wearer's essence x50 yards. His voice will be clearly and unmistakably heard even during the thickest of battles or the loudest of noises.
      • Negating all non-essence fueled environmental penalties
    • The voice when enhanced thus also adds 4 dice to verbal performances (speech, storytelling, rallying troops) to audiences of magnitude 2 or higher (11+ people).
    • The voice thus enhanced also so clear that unless someone stops up their ears they could not help but to mentally engage/hear the wearer - negating the use of Dodge DV
  • Finally the armor grants the wearer's complementary unit with +1 to their Valor and Drill
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