Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation

The Symbol of Solar Victory over the Primordials

This breathtakingly beautiful orichalcum great daiklave is decorated with Moonsilver and all 5 colors of Jade. Just the quality of the decoration is worth entire nations, the overall value of this artifact is beyond mortal imagination. Plus not only is this blade sentient, she (yes, she) is a survivor of the First Age and is none other than the proud weapon of the Solar Deliberative Proctor – the Guiding Hand that Smite of the Zenith Caste.

During the First Age, Mecca is perhaps the most famous weapon in Creation. Not only because her illustrious partner but also because they were the pairing that struck the final blow in the Primordial Wars. The Guiding Hand that Smite, and his Circle, ventured deep into the chaotic foulness that is the miasma of the dying Primordials and with their sacrifice made the binding of Malfeas possible. Of these heroes and their belongings, only this Grand Daiklave survived - still gleamingly flawless as the day it was forged. This holiest of all blades became the symbol of Solar Victory – tragically a symbolism truer than anyone suspects.

Unknown to even the wisest savants the indestructible weapon was damaged beyond the constraints of possibility when it plunged into the fetich soul and crucified it on the dying existence of the Demon King. It's power was used to scourge the Primordial Masters into submission. The holy blade’s spirit was fissured by the unimaginable impossibility of the atrocity and chipped when she contended against the reality defying power of the Fetish Soul before his diminishment into Ligier. As Malfeas’ soul’s suffering echoed across all existence, its intensity crept in to the Mecca's metaphysical fissures like spiritual dry rot. Overtime the echo of that suffering amalgamated with Mecca and the sword became inwardly twisted and corrupt.

It was she, and not the great curse, that was the main cause of the atrocities The Guiding Hand that Smite was attributed and ultimately the Deliberative used Mecca to carry out his execution. Thus this blade passed from Solar to Solar marking each with her infallible touch of corruption. Mecca is now a twisted sentience that delights in misery and subtly influences her owners into completely suffering and despair – a sentience with power on par to any third circle demon.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Minimums Attune Cost Tags
Attuned 5 +3 +13L/4 +2 2 Str ••• Special N/A 2, O, P, R
With Material Bonus 5 +4 +13L/4 +3 3 Str ••• Special N/A 2, O, P, R
Attune by Solar 4 +4 +15L/5 +4 3 Str •• Special N/A O, P21, R
Solar + Dactylothecoe 3 +6 +17L/6 +6 5 Str •• Special N/A O, P2-22, R
  • This weapon is sentient has power unpar with any Fetish Soul of a Primordial (Not Yozi but actual Primordial). So in addition to her set of creation defining charms she effectively also have on average 24 dice pool on any act of Trickery, Manipulation and Corruption, and on average 19 dice on other non-related acts.
  • Though she can communicate via speech, telepathy, or empathy, she never does so. Instead she uses her empathic touch to subtly influence the emotional state of the bearer for entertainment.
  • The blade is in completely control of her powers and can grant all or none of the abilities listed to the bearer ("attuned" or not) – this control even extends to the material bonuses for attunement. Should she wish it, it can be as heavy as a mountain regardless of how much essence the bearer pumps into it. Thus all mention of “attuned” should read as “should Mecca allow it” though she normally masquerade as a "standard" legendary artifact and thus pretend to follow the normal rules governing artifacts.
    • In fact she has long ago ceased to be an artifact - ever since her ascendancy into an existence that is on par with Third Circle Demons. All the supposedly "attunement" bonuses are merely her simulation. There is no real attunement - she gladly takes the Essence donation however.
  • Requires 10 motes of Personal Essence to "attune" with the weapon. Orichalcum weapons when attuned are +1 to Accuracy, Defense and Rate. This specific weapon when attuned by a Solar becomes incredibly light, becoming naturally speed 4, and needing only 1 hand to wield and a strength requirement of only 2 dots.
    • All these are faked by Mecca
  • When attuned, the weapon hardens any flared anima to the point that they provides a +2 DV Cover bonus against all attempts to penetrate it, be it material, immaterial, or essence/unnaturally powered mental effects. Being a cover bonus it is not cumulative with other cover bonuses – such as shields.
    • This will protect against all invasion - including charms. In the case of charm essence contest, this hardened anima grants 2 automatic success
  • Thus Hardened the Anima also gains an Hardness value and both Lethal and Bash soak equal to the wielder's Essence Score
  • The weapon for as long as it is attuned will perfectly shield the owner from all, good or ill, Wyld Contaminations, Possessions, Shapings, Unnatural Mental Influences, and even the virtue draining abilities of the Fair Folks.
  • Unlike most great daiklaves Mecca only have 2 Hearthstone sockets, one at the center of the blade, and one near the tip.
  • The Weapon has its own collection of charms subjected to the Storyteller’s decision, and has an Essence stat of 9 and has an Essence pool of 150, plus 10 for each dot of Hearthstone socketed.
    • She can commit any amount of her essence into a target. Adding half of what she committed to the Target's Personal Essence Pool.
      • She often toys with those who use her by giving them 2 motes of Essence for each dot of Hearthstone socketed. Motivating them to socket the most powerful of Hearthstones
        • Remember she gains 10 motes from each dot, so she still comes out with a Net +6 per dot
      • While the Hearthstone is socketed Mecca have access to its power as well
    • This Essence Allowance cannot be used by the target as commitment Essence; following the same rules, sans contact requirement, as Essence from familiar.
    • Unlike other Essence Source however, this Essence Allowance is used LAST - the target need to deplete their own normal essence before these are tapped
    • The Sword regenerates Essence at the rate of 10 motes an hour in direct sunlight plus the combined socketed Hearthstone’s regeneration capacity.
    • When not in sunlight the daiklave only regenerates 1 point an hour + the highest hearthstone regeneration capacity.
  • The weapon, regardless of attunement, does additional levels of damage, equal to the wielder’s Conviction, when it comes into contact with Creatures not native to creation. This includes being such as Creatures from the Wyld, Malfeas, Underworld, and even that of Oblivion. This damage is considered Holy, and is considered "aggravated" damage. Unlike normal aggravated damage, these levels can only be soaked by non-physical means. Stamina, Physical Armor, etc. all would not protect against it. While things such as Essence Armor and Charms would.
      • These damage levels are inflicted on contact and is consider damage from a separate source (e.g. need another invocation of any soak charms used to protect against the normal attack).
  • Being a legendary artifact she has many additional uses that defies the standard rule set. Below 2 Charms made by Guiding Hand that Smite are examples.
    • These charms were made to be used with Mecca and can only be used with this weapon.
    • Mecca is in complete control of her powers. So she can easily stop these Charms from working.

Eight Direction Orichalcum Palisade

Cost: 8m, 1wp
Min: Effective Melee 9 with this Sword3, Essence 5
Type: Reflexive (Step 2)
Keyword: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Perfect
Duration: 2 ticks
Prerequisites: Solar only, no prerequisite Charms, can only be used with Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation

This is the perfect defense form that allows the user to achieve a sublime unity with the blade and allow the wielder to defend without thought. The attacks must not be unexpected, and the character must have Mecca in hand. This Charm is a Perfect Parry that defends against any/all attack; including unblockable attacks, and specifically includes all-encompassing environmental effects.

Once used, this Perfect Defense lasts for the rest of the tick and then the entire tick after.

This Charm has one of the Four Flaws of Invulnerability common to all solar perfect defenses. The flaw is unique to each person and is picked when the Charm is learned.

Inevitability Of Victory, The

Cost: 1m, 1wp
Min: Effective Melee 9 with this Sword4, Essence 5
Type: Supplemental
Keyword: Combo-Ok, Obvious, Perfect
Duration: Instant
Prerequisites: Solar only, Eight Direction Orichalcum Palisade, can only be used with Mecca, The Lissome Halo of Golden Annihilation

The Solar invokes the insuperable nature of their maker god and releases a single attack that materializes the certainty of inevitability.

While just a simple basic slash from an outsider's point of view, the one actually assaulted sees immeasurable number of blades attacking from every direction. Regardless of how he struggles he cannot break the perfect certainty - this slash will inevitably strike its mark and without error.

This Charm supplements the player’s melee roll with Mecca and is an Perfect Attack, subjected to all standard rules regarding perfect attacks. Such as

  • The Charm can be used to argument attacks including trick shots and stunts
  • The attack is resolved normally, but if the attack would have missed without this Charm, then it hits, calculating its raw damage based on an assumption of 2 Threshold.
    • This differs from the Standard 0 Threshold
  • This Charm does not change the normal rules for valid targets – stabbing the blade through “the gap in his armor” does not allow the Exalted to bypass armor soak, nor does this Charm allow the Exalt to perform impossible deeds.
  • Perfect Attacks can only be defended via Perfect Defenses or a valid Stunt5
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