Mirage's guard

5 Dot Artifact Armor


A suit of coral articulated plate with edges filigreed in Orichalcum. Sprouting from the back are series of flat ribbons of light

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Attune Tags
Attuned +15L/15B 10L/10B -0 1 (0) 8
  • Armor's tentacle like ribbons of light weaves about and actively tries to protect the wearer
    • this effectively eliminates Action DV penalties of the character's actions as she never left unbalanced or overextended
    • It also raise the wearer's Dodge and Parry DV by 1
  • The ribbons of light also allows the wearer to glide - using standard rules
  • This gliding effect doubles the horizontal distance of the wearer's jumps
    • but not the height
  • Allows the wearer to move in water without penalty
    • This applies to all physical attack as well, but not attacks that leaves her person
  • Allows the wearer to fly at her normal movement rate
  • Makes the wearer immune to the shaping effects of the Wyld
  • The armor have such a glowing aura, not to mention the forest of white ribbons of light, that makes it impossible for the wear to be hidden without supernatural effects.
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