Nadir of Inauspicious Fortune

4 Dot Underworld Artifact

The Nadir of Inauspicious Fortune is a potent item stolen by Irreproachable and Flawless Golden Tyrant during his escape from Thorns. It is a perfect black pearl about an inch in diameter and hung via a short soulsteel chain from a bead bracelet made from obsidian mined from the Labyrinths. The pearl produces a faintly glowing green mist around itself at all times. The mist ebbs and flows on intangible winds and covers a radius of 20 yards. The mist clings to any living beings, including the wearer, that trespasses in the area like glowing mold and bestows the curse of Inauspicious Fortune till the next sunrise. Mechanically, anyone affected by this curse raises sets their target number to 8, and 10s now counts only as a single success.

The item is constantly functioning and does not require attunement nor can it be turned off. Only by putting it into an air tight container of obsidian can the mist be contained.

  • This item does prevents Sidereals from using their excellencies to lower the adjusted target number incrementally.
    • If they lower the difficulty to 6 with the Charm, it will instantly bounce back to 8. So they either lower it all the way enough to turn them into automatics successes or their excellency would have no effect
  • While the clingy glowing mist has no direct mechanical effect on Stealth and such, the GM and Players should take it into consideration for gameplay
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