Nebhet Hotep's Moonsilver Tattoo

Lunar Moonsilver Tattoo with several artifact worked into its pattern

The tattoo that fixed Nebhet Hotep as a member of the Full Moon Caste. It is an incredibly complex moonsilver tattoo that covers her entire body, upper arms, and upper thigh. It was done by the Elder personally and under the ever watchful light of the Moon.

  • Lunar Moonsilver Tattoo
  • Contains the following artifact as Tattoo Artifacts (Total Commitment of 20 motes)
    • Collar of Dawns Cleansing Light (Tattooed over her Collar Bone Area) (1 mote, +2 to Resist Disease and Poison, Cannot be unclean)
    • Moonsilver Breast Plate (Tattooed over her body) (2 motes, +6L/4B Soak, 2L/2B Hardness)
    • Wrapping of Nature's Embrace (Tattoed over her Body Upper Arms and Thighs) (12 Motes, reduce all natural1 environmental damage to 0)
    • Heavenly Key (Tattooed over her heart) (4 mote attunement, can enter spirit sanctums by becoming automatically dematerialized, automatically materialize upon existing)
    • Moonsilver Hearthstone Amulet (Tattoed at the center of her chest) (1 Mote)
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