Obsidian Sheath

4 Dot Dragon King Artifact

Image Sauce

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
Unattuned +3L/+4B -1 1* •••• 7 See Below
Attuned +8L/+8B 5L/5B 0 1* •••• 7 Str Bonus
Material +10L/+10B 5L/5B 0 1* •••• 7 Str Bonus

This remarkable type of armor looks like a light-weight body suit of glassy yet flexible black stone, similar in appearance to obsidian, hence the name of the item. The armor is trimmed with orichalcum. It provides the orichalcum Magical Material bonus when attuned by a Solar or Dragon King, and Dragon Kings need only spend the normal number of motes to attune it. When worn by a living creature who expends 6 motes of Essence to attune to it, it hardens into a form fitting suit of light articulated plate armor and bonds with its user, now the armor is like a second skin of flexible obsidian plates and offers excellent protection against most forms of attack.

While based primarily on Dragon King crystal technology, it was originally developed with the aid of the Jadeborn Mountain Folk. It was only worn by the elite troops of the Dragon Kings, and all suits are marked with an orichalcum sunburst in the middle of the chest, symbolizing the wearer’s devotion to the Unconquered Sun.
This armor has the advantage of being both quite tough and very maneuverable. A warrior wearing an obsidian sheath need not worry about either limiting his mobility or tiring himself in combat. The elite troops of the Dragon Kings wore this armor into battle, which is why it is so rare in the Second Age, as most of them and their equipment perished bravely in massive deaths against the elemental might of the Usurpation armies. Most surviving examples of it have ended up in the arsenals of various powers. An obsidian sheath is associated with service to the Unconquered Sun, and those who wear it have a greater than average chance of drawing the attention of spirits likewise in his service.

  • When attuned as long as the flexible suit is fitted to the wearer it is just like clothe and can be concealed by wearing things over it. Once attuned it expands and hardens into armor and might rip any overlaying clothe.
  • When attuned, the armor not only acts like a second skin, it also boosts the wearer’s Strength and mobility. The armor automatically increases the wearer’s Strength by 3.
  • In addition, in combat, the wearer adds 4 yards per tick to move actions and eight yards per tick to dash actions.
  • When walking long distances, the wearer can march at a speed of 15 miles per hour, covering up to 210 miles in a day.
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