Pale Pain’s Mirror

Unique "Super Heavy Artifact Plate"

This set of Abyssal Battle Armor is completely made of Soulsteel forged from the ghosts of violated maidens. The rumor circulating in Thorns is that the Maiden of the Mirthless Smile was made to gather these ghosts personally and in the depth of the Labyrinth forged them into the armor under the unholy tutelage of Mask of Winters.

This is all half-truths. Since the actual Pale Pain’s Mirror is a part of Maiden’s Life Essence. In its making her soul was no less violated than the final violation she was forced to commit on the armor’s material ghosts. The necromancy Mask of Winters wielded crystallized all their suffering into a monument to innocence lost to tyranny – a perfect face of suffering contorted into a forced smile, the very face of Maiden of the Mirthless Smile.

What people believe is the “Armor” is actually nothing more than a memento. True the actual armor grants fantastic protection but no more than any quality suit of same caliber. The true horror, the truly foul artifact, is hers for all time

In this artifact the Mask of Winter had outdone himself. A simple act of “diabolique” turned out to be more successful than even he realizes. The Pale Pain’s Mirror increase the Maiden of the Mirthless Smile permanent Essence by 1, and connects her to the corruption of the Labyrinth and cements her to the causes of Oblivion. Her caste mark is no longer a bleeding brand but of solid darkness that dims her surrounding in opposition magnitude of Solar animas.

This connection effectively negates her need to spent Willpower to activate Charms with “Spectral” keywords, for she is ever choking in the taint of the Underworld. It also means she regains Essence always as if she is in the Labyrinth.

Unknown to even the Neverborns, whilst she “wears” this artifact she can never be redeemed. The potent link to the Neverborns (hence the +1 to Essence) will forever unmake any progress towards that goal. As a side effect, her Dissonance Discharges are at double potency. This doubles radius and targets and such, it does not mean her 2 dot discharge has the same sweeping scale as a 4 dot discharge.

The Byproduct Armor

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Cost Attune Tags
Attuned +15L/15B 10L/10B 0 0 N/A -
Attuned with MM Bonus +17L/17B 11L/11B 0 0
  • 2 Hearthstone Sockets (Collar, Waist)
  • The armor is rarely used and is stored in Elsewhere via Charms.
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