Perfection of the Ascending Sun

Legendary Daiklave of Conquest

  • The weapon was recovered from the Ark and claimed by character:balan
  • The Celestial Court returned the weapon back to the Solars and it was claimed by the only surviving member of the War Captain's Circle
  • Since the weapon can only be used by a Dawn Caste, Dagnir offered it to Dace to use until the return of its proper owner.

This fantastic blade is also known as the Fomenter of the Ever Victorious Legion. It was forged for the greatest general of the Solar Deliberative “Solomon of Teir” (Dawn #18) by his Twilight Caste lover “Vicar of Origination Sublime” (Twilight #7) and is an awe inspiring symbol of power on the battlefield. This Daiklave is wide and single edged almost resembling a reaver daiklave, but is slightly longer and elegant in its plainness. It has 4 sockets for Hearthstones, lining the back of the blade from the Guard to a quarter the way up the blade.

This weapon can only be attuned by a Dawn Caste Solar costing 8 motes. No other castes can wield this weapon or utilize its fantastic powers.

The sword comes with an exquisite case like sheath that negates the entirety of the weapon’s weight and inertia. This effect is constant and does not require attunement, making the weapon easy to transport and carry. The sheath can be worn fashionably on the hip or strapped to the back. The Sheath also has an additional function as noted below.

Type Speed Accuracy Damage Defense Rate Attune Minimums Tags
When Attuned 5 +3 +10L/2 +3 4 5 Str •• O, P
  • The Weapon is Holy and does aggrevated damage to Creatures of Darkness
    • It also cannot be attuned by Creatures of Darkness (Dawn Akumas)
  • Nigh-Indestructible: The weapon is nearly indestructible; It is safe to assume that it cannot be destroyed by anything short of the Unconquered Sun's unrestrained might.
  • Piercing: The weapon is so sharp that it halves any armor’s soak value rounded down.
  • The weapon doubles the wielder’s raw damage against inanimate objects of Earth and Fire.
    • This includes Warstriders, Fortifications, Ships, Siege Engines, Mountains, Bridges, etc.
    • It does not include Undead or things built of once living things such as wooden structures and Soulsteel. It also doesn’t include objects worn by living things, such as armor and weapons.
    • Should another effect also double damage, this just adds 1 more factor to it and not stacked multipliers. So if a charm doubles damage, combined with this weapon the total raw damage is now 3x not 4x.
  • As long as this daiklave is released from its Moonsilver sheath/case, all opponents and other hostile individuals within a radius from the bearer equal to 10 yards per dot of the wielder’s permanent essence must make a Valor Check at +1 difficulty or flee in terror. Those that hold their ground suffer an internal penalty on all “attack” actions equal to the bearer’s Valor score.
    • This unnatural mental influence is an Emotions effect
  • As long as the daiklave is attuned and sheathed in its Moonsilver sheath/case the wearer can “ready” the blade as a Reflexive action up to number of miles equal to his Essence + Valor Score. Returning the sword back to the scabbard has to be done via mundane means, however, and the sheath/case is not teleported along with the blade.
  • When the wielder of this weapon leads in mass combat he becomes an beacon of light
    • The weapon becomes the focal point of immense amount of Divine Essence blessing and strengthening the wielder’s troops. This effectively adds 2 to the army’s Might rating, with no upper cap.
    • The sheer concentration of Solar essence transforms the daiklave into a fragment of the Unconquered Sun. It becomes a blaze of sunlight. It will light the battlefield as bright as daytime - dispelling even magical darkness from horizon to horizon. This divine glow is the true aspect/light of the Unconquered Sun, and should be treated as such.
    • As long as the bearer is engaged in mass combat, all friendly troops fight with divine inspiration that gives them an additional die to all combat-related dice pools.
    • These soldiers also automatically succeed any Morale checks (Perfect Morale) and is Perfectly Defended against all fear effect.
    • In addition, all opponents shake with dread and lose one die from all combat-related dice pools and receive a -1 external penalty to their Morale checks and Valor rolls.
    • All the Mass Combat bonuses only affect combatants within a mile of the Exalted wielding the daiklave.
    • The relevant bonuses and penalties do not apply to civilians or neutral soldiers.
  • While the weapon can pass through Elsewhere it cannot be stored there. Any attempts to do so will automatically fail.
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