Phalanx of South and West

5 Dot Artifact Armor

  • The armor whose design Aegis of the North and East is based on
  • Original named "Battle Vestment of The Hierophant"
  • The Hierophant's "reincarnation" character:panther has given it to the War Captain as gift
  • The sigils of the Armor have been refitted to that of Balan’s iconography.
  • As the sole “surviving” member of the War Captain’s Circle, Dagnir now proudly bears the arms of his Circle Mate in remembrance.

This armor is custom built by Autochthon for The Hierophant. While powerful, the armor is a simple trinket when compared to the true powers of the first age, and thus is only considered 5 dots artifact. In fact the Hierophant, arguably the strongest voice inside the Solar Deliberative, rarely even used this armor. He prefers to use his formidable martial arts charms and sorcery when participating in combat.

The armor is bulky and thick, with massive embossed plates, pauldrons, and greaves. It is built both as a testament of strength and as a demonstration of the beauty of functionality. The intimidating ultra-heavy orichalcum plate requires a commitment of 10 motes of Essence and needs a total 3 dots worth of hearthstone to power the armors’ various enchantments. The hearthstone(s) that are providing Essence to the armor provides no other benefit as long as it does so. The armor has three hearthstone sockets, and the wearer can select which ones are rendered inactive by powering the armor as a diceless miscellaneous action. A hearthstone that is 2 dots higher in potency (5 or higher) would not cease to function.

This armor can only be used by Celestial Exalted, for other Exalted’s animas are simply insufficient to properly align with it.

Type Soak Hardness Mobility Fatigue Attunement
Not Attuned, Regardless of Power +17L/17B +11L/11B -8 7 8
Attuned +17L/17B +11L/11B -3 3
Attuned and Powered +18L/18B +12L/12B -2 2
With Material Bonus +20L/20B +13L/13B -3 3
With Material Bonus while Powered +22L/22B +15L/15B -2 2

When attuned and powered by ••• Hearthstone the armor provides the following bonuses

  • The holy presence of the armor repels small gods of diseases and sickness. The wearer gains +2 dice bonus to resistance against poisons and all forms of disease (including wound infection). This doesn’t reduce the damage of any poison or disease already suffered.
  • As reflexive action the wearer can lit his Caste Mark and through this open his “mind’s eye.” This grants him a +2 dice bonus to all attempts to perception and detection rolls. With the eye opened he can even perceive immaterial beings as vague misty shapes. This effect last for as long as the wearer concentrates, giving him a -2 dice penalty to all other actions that require some concentration.
  • As an reflexive action, while attuned and powered, the lines and groves of the armor fill slowly with flowing essence of the wearer. These essence slowly evaporates leaving translucent trails of colored vapor. This vapor is so strong around the wielder it seems he is enshrouded in a nimbus of power. These grooves are not random, they are a sigil of power fortifying the wearer with might. Treating the wearer’s Strength as 2 dots higher for the purpose of feats of strength, jumping, and damage calculation.
    • The sigil of power also allow the wearer to travel at incredible speed, doubling his move and dash distances, but while he maintains this grueling pace he is forced to check for fatigue twice as often.
    • Obviously the ever present essence vapor makes stealth and hiding moot
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